The Real Reason I Enjoyed Moms Night Out

RSMB stands for Red Stick Moms Blog. The title is pretty self-explanatory but to sum it up, they are a group of local moms who blog about anything in the interest of moms and the Baton Rouge community.

So, let’s put a spin on things and talk about THEIR community event: RSMB’s moms night out.

It was, as advertised, a kid free night filled with food, drinks, music, and dancing. The cost of moms night out this year was $35 for general admission ($65 for VIP). If it seems pricey, think of it as the amount you would usually spend on dinner anyway, but the event includes freebies and music. If you are like me, that $35 would have been spent on fast food or the dollar section at Target when you go for “one thing” but end up with a pile of unnecessary odds and ends in the cart … again.

I’ll admit that I practically emptied my closet trying on things before exclaiming, “I have nothing to wear!” Do you ever feel like you’re about to be smack center on the catwalk of judge-y moms? In hindsight, it was I who was being the judge-y mom for assuming that these strangers would be critical of me for something so trivial. This thought is because I’ve been there before and sadly, you probably have been too. Thankfully, I was so wrong in this regard. Each woman was flaunting her own unique style and there was nothing but support for it.

I met up with my friend as we agreed that this was something different and cool. The first table we arrived to had a small group of smiling women giving out FREE pint glasses with “red stick moms blog” and “Tin Roof” etched on the front and back of them. Aside from the actual event, we were sent e-mails encouraging us to donate school supplies for the local charity, Capital Area CASA Association. For every item donated, we were given a raffle ticket for any of the 21 giveaways. They do this at EVERY moms night out. Most of the items were a dollar or less, resulting in bags and bags of school supplies for children in need. If that doesn’t fill your heart, I’m not sure what could.

After we passed the giveaway and boutique area, we were greeted with cake from Bliss Patisserie. From that table on, the walls were lined with food from local restaurants and freebies from local companies. The complete list of participants can be found on RSMB’s Facebook page. We went to every table tasting, collecting, and adding our names into extra giveaways. Some of our favorite freebies included an LSU koozie, a card holder, wine glass labels, and all natural odor spray. There were many more though.

At the end of the table line was a photo booth courtesy of Dat Booth photo booth rentals complete with funny props and hats. You can check it out on Dat Booth’s Facebook page to see for yourself how much fun everyone was having. Centered against the back wall was a DJ, leaving the center of the floor available for dancing. Outside were coolers of beer from Tin Roof Brewing aside other refreshments. Tables and chairs were outside where we could easily step aside to chat, making it the perfect balance of conversation and activity.

As the night went on, more of the RSMB staff, distinguishable by their pink “Boots and Brew” captioned shirts, joined in on the floor. It was then that it really hit me as to why this event was just so fun. I mean everyone enjoys food and freebies.

The real reason was because of the staff and community. The women of RSMB clearly wanted everyone to have fun and let loose.

If you’re anything like me, you’re a busy mom. Between packing lunches, crafts, and story time, being able to watch a whole television show is a miracle and getting all the laundry done is the victory of the week. Here, it seemed like everybody just got it. They encouraged everyone to dance or to stuff their face with 4 pieces of cake if that’s what they truly desired. Everyone was so positive.

It left me amazed that a handful of Baton Rouge moms made this happen and positively impacted the community while doing so. These are just regular moms who blog about their daily life and interests. I say to them, keep doing so, because it is making many moms feel united. I would highly recommend bringing friends or the like to the next RSMB’s moms night out. It left everyone going home with the most important feeling in the world: embracing being a mom.

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A local Baton Rouge mom of a blended family and pursuing a degree in elementary teaching. I enjoy crafts, writing, photography, and community events.





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