The Waiting Game :: Medical Diagnosis Roller Coaster

There are certain things that make time stop and crawl at a painful pace. For our family, this has been our past few weeks. Around Thanksgiving, my husband noticed his lymph nodes in his neck felt off and swollen. After they did not resolve themselves and shrink back, he decided to seek medical attention.

This began the roller coaster of blood work and tests (30 different tests in one month to be exact). At this point, we are eliminating things that ARE NOT happening inside his body in hopes that the process of elimination would show exactly what is going on. This is a hard spot for me… our bodies are incredible beings. There are so many parts interacting (or not interacting correctly) that every test rules out a diagnosis but rarely points TO a diagnosis.

At this point, various possibilities have been thrown out. We have many possibilities, so completely terrifying and others appear manageable from the research we have been able to do. Our kids know what is going on and our entire family is all anxiously awaiting answers. We have more tests scheduled for the coming weeks and we just want to KNOW. Right, once we know what is happening, we can have a plan? As a Type A planner, my current hell is living in this unknown.

Add 2022 madness of Omnicron/Covid and our family is also back to hiding. We are only going on essential outings and taking Covid tests regularly to limit our exposure because we cannot risk contracting Covid on top of whatever is currently happening in our house right now.

My anxiety is at a level I did not know existed. I am trying my very best to take deep breaths, spend time with my family, and be incredibly thankful for the moments we have together.

So for now, we wait, we trust our medical team and we say some prayers that all of us have a healthy 2022.


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