This Book Called Life

While perusing social media one day, I came across a post that posed the question :: 

If you could write a book about your life thus far, what would be the title?” 

The question really resonated with me, as I began to think about my life experiences. So, I thought it to be a great conversation starter while celebrating a close friend’s birthday on a road trip to Houston. As we drove along the highway, I randomly asked the question I’d seen on Facebook months earlier :: “If you could write a book about your life thus far what would be the title?” 

Initially, I received a few blank stares (of course from my husband, as if to say here she goes). However, I did receive great and thoughtful feedback. One friend stated that their book would be entitled, If I Could Do It All Over Again. They explained that the title represented the things that they had learned along the way, and how in some instances, they would change their actions in certain situations. Another title shared was, Eyes. This title represented their perspective on life and how it was viewed through their eyes. One of my other friends claimed their book to be entitled, True. Although very simple in form, they described the title to represent the development of their true self.  

I related to all of these titles and to the hypothetical authors’ reasoning. See, we all, at some point in life, have raised the questions, should’ve, could’ve, would’veIf I Could Do It All Over Again, would be a New York Best Seller! People would read an account of possibilities that could have changed the overall outcome of multiple situations. Just thinking of such a read allows me to think about the things that I would do differently in life.

The book Eyes would also be a hit! Far too often, we fail to consider the perspectives of others. In today’s society, it has become vital that we do not discredit someone because our thoughts or ideas about a topic vary. It is simply their perspective, and we are all entitled to our own. The book True would be on a Women’s Book Club list everywhere. After discussing the meaning of the title, I thought about all the past decisions I made based on the feelings of others and not my own. There comes a point in life, especially for women, when we realize that our lives should be about us! The book True made me realize that we have to make decisions that make ourselves happy and not settle on a resolve for someone else’s comfort.  

As for my book title, I would call it Covered. I chose Covered because I believe that throughout any aspect of my life thus far, I have been covered. I can think back to different moments as a child, young adult, and even now that had it not been for the support, prayer, and covering of some being, I am not sure where I would be. Ultimately, it is good to know that throughout life someone has your back. I am secure in knowing that my support is solid, and if ever I needed comfort, it does exist in someone somewhere. 

Think about your life, and all of the experiences you’ve had — both good and bad. What would YOU call your book called life? 

Ashley Cox Coates is a native of Baton Rouge, LA. She is happily married to her beau of seven years, Kevin Coates. They have an amazing son, Ethan Buff (6). As a family they enjoy going to the movies, playing at the park, perusing the French Market in New Orleans, and spending time with family and friends. She received a B.A. in English and a Masters of Mass Communication from Southern University and A&M College, and a Juris Doctor from the Southern University Law Center. Ashley is a full-time working mom and is constantly exploring new ideas to accentuate her ultimate purpose in life. In her free time, she loves to plan children’s birthday parties, dance, and make “quick” trips to Target! Ashley believes that, ultimately, everything happens for a reason.



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