Thoughts from the Carpool Line

carpoolWe all have our million dollar ideas. Most of mine lately involve the carpool line. I mean, with 3 kids in 3 different schools and a carpool routine that takes 4 1/2 hours every day, here are a few of my ideas. Which I’m pretty sure have run through the head of every single carpool line mom…

Food service. Umm I’m starving every single day of my life in carpool line. The number of times I’ve seriously (and I mean very, very seriously) considered having a pizza delivered to the carpool line is pretty embarrassing. Food trucks. Where are they? Why are they not taking full advantage of a large group of moms stuck in one place for an extended period of time? I’m just sayin’ if you’re a food truck you need to be in the carpool line. You’re welcome.

VIP lane. Here’s the deal, if I’m not there an hour early for carpool line for child #1 I will be late picking up child #2. Their schools let out 15 minutes apart, it is roughly a 25 minute drive. The math here is not on my side. That line gets very, very long very, very quickly. I would pay -literally pay- to be able to pick my daughter up in the bus lane that is no longer being used by the time carpool starts. Not because I want to just get in and out, but because having to sit in my car for an extra hour every day just to be on time is seriously a bit insane…

Bathrooms. Again. There is a large group of women (some with younger barely potty trained children in tow) stuck in one place for an extended period of time. I don’t even care if it’s one of those pay toilets (yes, like a pay phone, but a potty). Can we say fundraiser? I mean, today I seriously considered peeing into an old coffee cup because of my inability to lose my spot in carpool line to use the restroom. See previous idea if you forgot why.

Reading materials. Those cute little free library things on Pinterest would be perfect for the carpool line. Forget your book? Borrow one here. Hey, let’s just start a carpool line book club. I guess with all the stuff we have on our phones now this one isn’t completely necessary, but still so cute, y’all. I mean, have you seen those things? They just scream fun! And we all know the carpool line could use a little more fun in its life…

What do you do to survive enjoy the carpool line?

Krista is a single momma to 3 wonderful littles! She has a six-year-old autistic son, a five-year-old daughter who suffers from a seizure disorder, a very lively three-year-old son, and uses these experiences to support and encourage other mothers in raising their children. She is a homeschooler turned public schooler (probably turning homeschooler again at some point) and devotes much of her time to researching the art of learning which leaves her passionate about helping other mothers become involved in their children’s education. A bookworm with a personal library boasting close to 1,000 books, she is in the process of authoring several books to add to the world’s collection. She uses her blogging at The Mommy Calling as a ministry to encourage, inspire, and share her heart with other moms. Her life also includes her work with the local human trafficking epidemic and working with women around the world to promote a healthy view of motherhood, homemaking, and homeschooling. Krista’s goal is to, first and foremost, spend each day living life with her children. She has vowed to live each and every day with all-out purpose and passion, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary!


  1. Wow, 4.5 hours a day? That is seriously intense! Here’s an idea: when you win the lottery (hehe), buy a little Winnebago. It could solve all of your problems! Chill out in the back while you are waiting for carline to start, charge for bathroom use, have a little library of your own in the back (Carline Reading Club, you saw it here first), make some Hot Pockets in the kitchen (hey I bet you could sell those, too!). Then again, you would have to DRIVE the big thing around!


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