Top 7 Beauty Products from the Bathroom of a Simple Mom

Mom, Wife, Boss, Woman... in all honesty it is almost to much to handle. So here are a few items that make my life a bit easier.

I am in no way a fashion/ beauty blogger kind of mom. Clothes (shoes) are my passion, but when it comes to makeup I just go with easy. However, I have found some products that have improved my skin and my confidence.

#1. The Ordinary – High Spreadability face primer

I am a little embarrassed to admit that before a month ago I never used a primer before applying my makeup -_-  but now that I have discovered it, I am a huge fan and my makeup is so much smoother.  $7.90 at Sephora

 #2. ColourPop Eye Shadow Palettes 

Over the years I have tried quite a few eye shadow palettes, but these by far are my favorite. Not only are the themes fun (peep my sailor moon and princess in the picture), but the colors are vibrant and go on so smooth. Between $12-$34 at Colourpop


#3.  Fenty Beauty Foundation

Rhianna really stepped up the game when she dropped this foundation. There are 50 different shades to choose from, she really catered to women of every color <3
My skin is very sensitive and with certain products, I will break out but I have zero trouble with this one.
$35.00 at Sephora


#4. Batiste Dry Shampoo

Honestly dry shampoo of any kind is my favorite, I use it almost every single day. This household is a wash your hair every other kind of day house, but I know it is not very good for our hair. So I have been trying to transition us into every 3 days, using this definitely helps keep my hair looking clean and not greasy.
$6.48 at Walmart

#5. Cetaphil Daily Face Cleanser and Lotion

TikTok is going nuts about this stuff. It is currently all the rave and for the price, I can see why. My face definitely feels less oily and I have noticed an improvement in my complexion.
$6.19 – 9.29 at Target


#6. Lash Primer (goes on before your mascara)

Has this always been a thing? Why didn’t anybody tell me? I have been walking around for the past 30 years with clumpy mascara and all I needed was mascara primer. Ladies, if you do not own a tube of any primer/ TRUST ME!! It is a life-changer.
$12- $20, you can get it from any of the beauty stores.


#7. Honey Pot Company – Products

This company is absolutely amazing! Not only is it woman-owned, but all the products are also 100% natural with no chemicals, toxins, or artificial fragrance. Their slogan is “Developed and tested by females. Because it takes one to know one.”  I love, love these products, they have everything from tampons to pads and body wipes. They get a huge thumbs up from this mama.
$7.99 at Target 


We all know mom life is crazy and we spend most of our money on the kids. So I wanted to share a few items that would not break the bank but would also highlight great products that are worth every penny and will give you more bang for your buck. Don’t forget about yourselves ladies, the health of your mind, body, and spirt is just as important as everyone else in the household.

With Love a very happy, slightly crazy mom of two!!


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