Touring Alexander’s: Our 2nd Annual Mom’s Night at the Market

On January 29, we had 40 moms come together to participate in an educational evening held at the locally-owned Alexander’s Highland Market. It was a great night to meet other, local moms, chat about meal-planning, eat and drink, enter some incredible giveaways, and take home an awesome SWAG bag! Here’s a closer look at this great night.

2015-02-12_0003 2015-02-12_0004We were so happy to have Courtney Brock, the director of the Metabolic Kitchen at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, and her team of Dieticians ready to lead our moms on an informative tour that focused on making healthy choices and gathering ingredients for a delicious Quinoa Lentil Chili. Courtney began the tour in the produce section of the store where Hanley’s Foods was serving up some yummy samples of Greek Pizza and Sensation Salad using their signature salad dressing. The dieticians made many great points along the way including encouraging moms to focus on the perimeter of the isles. That’s where you’ll find the healthiest items: produce, meat and dairy.



2015-02-12_0107Along the tour, we were able to see a variety of healthy, organic, gluten-free and locally-made products offered by Alexander’s. The produce and meats were displayed so nicely. As the tour wrapped up near the wine and spirits department, moms were greeted by Alexander’s very own Sommelier who is available most days at the store to offer his expertise for all of your wine needs. Moms enjoyed a few bites of assorted cheeses and sampled the delicious all-natural juice based mixers by Elkarita’s! As we made our way back to the café, we observed a stocked deli, fresh sushi, salad bar and prepared meals for when you’re in a pinch. The bakery also had a variety of fresh desserts to satisfy anyone’s occasional sweet tooth. To close out the evening, moms anticipated the announcement of the giveaways, visited with each other and enjoyed a few more bites before receiving their amazing swag bags!

2015-02-12_0113 2015-02-12_0064

2015-02-12_0100Thank You To Our Wonderful Host and Sponsor: Alexander’s Highland Market

We were so happy to work with Alexander’s Highland Market and have our 2nd Annual Mom’s Night at the Market with them. They graciously provided us their beautiful store for moms to tour as well as delicious refreshments. The café was a perfect place for moms to gather, enjoy refreshments and relax. We were treated to an assortment of finger sandwiches, fresh fruit, their signature King Cake and fudge. Moms also had bottled water to stay hydrated throughout the evening. We look forward to making Mom’s Night at the Market an annual tradition with Alexander’s!



Thank You To Pennington Biomedical Research Center Dieticians

This evening would not have been complete without these amazing ladies! Courtney Brock and her team were such an asset to making this event educational and fun. They treated moms to generous samples of delicious Quinoa Lentil Chili and Butternut Squash Soup. Moms also received a recipe sheet that had some healthy mealtime options. Throughout the tour, the dieticians were very informative and helpful answering any questions the moms may have had. There were a few main points we should keep in mind:

  • Shop the perimeter: produce, seafood, meat, poultry and dairy
  • Try to buy fresh, local and seasonal produce
  • Avoid pre-packaged items with high sodium levels
  • Choose whole grains for a good source of fiber and low sodium
  • Plan ahead to save time and money


2015-02-12_0082Thank You To The Bar Method

Thank you to Jean Chou of the The Bar Method Baton Rouge. Moms were able to find out information about the classes that are offered for this amazing one-hour workout that burns calories and tones up the entire body. The Bar Method provides personalized attention to suit the needs of the client in a positive atmosphere. Check them out to get a great work out!

2015-02-12_0008Thank You To Our Swag Sponsors

Thank you to Kendra Scott for providing their vibrant yellow bags for moms to hold all of their amazing swag! We appreciate everyone that contributed swag bag goodies for moms to take home.

Kendra Scott~Jay D’s BBQ Sauce~Hanley’s Foods~Elkarita’s~Animae Snack Mix


Thank you To Our Giveaway Sponsors

Our Giveaways were great and there were some very lucky winners! Thank you to our local businesses that participated in giveaways.

The Bar Method (valued at $180)::Family Fit Athletics (valued at $177)::2 Gift Cards to HUSH (each valued at $100)::2 Passes to Painting and Pinot (valued at $70)::Baby Lane Gift Card (valued at $50)::2 Mom’s Garden Gift Baskets (each valued at $50)::2 Holly Clegg Cookbooks (total value $45)


Thank You To Our Photographer

Thank you so much to Erin Guedry Photography for capturing the wonderful details of our moms enjoying a great evening! Make sure to check out her amazing talent on her website and Facebook page. (See all event photos right here.)

Thank You To Our Local Moms

Thank you to all of the moms that were able to join us for the evening. It is always a pleasure to get away from the busyness of motherhood and enjoy each other’s company! If you would like to join us at future events be sure to check out our RSMB Events page and our Facebook page!



Ericka P.
Ericka is originally a New Orleans gal who was raised to begin many dishes with a roux. Since 2011, she has happily embraced the Red Stick life with her husband of seven years, Tyler. Although she met her husband at an LSU game after her car broke down, they both attended Northwestern State University where she graduated with a Business Administration degree. After graduation, she and Tyler took a leap of faith and tied the knot. She dabbled in the corporate scene but eventually returned to school to pursue her passion for teaching and earned a Master’s degree in Elementary Education. She taught at an inner-city school in Baton Rouge for 3 years where she gained a family of students and colleagues alike. She’s traded in her beloved Expo pens and clipboard to stay home with her sweet and adventurous one-year-old son, Cullen. She is so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the sisterhood of fellow moms. Motherhood has been the best roller coaster she’s ever been on and even at the most challenging times, she tries to remember to embrace the chaos and “bless this mess” mentality. Ericka loves a good conversation, coffee, empowering other women {because we can all use a little encouragement}, laughing, baking and making memories with her family.


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