Turning Dreams Into Plans

How to turn dreams into real plans! Have you ever doubted yourself?

If you’re anything like me, you probably doubt yourself all the time. I constantly find myself in a cycle of thinking I’m not smart enough, good enough, savvy enough, etc. I let all the excuses of why I’m not enough pile up until they convince me that I shouldn’t go after the things I want in life. I let these ridiculous emotions and insecurities control my life, and I’ve done it for as many years as I’ve been alive. But this year, that’s going to change. If I’ve learned anything in 2020, it’s that I need to STOP doubting myself because, in fact, I CAN do anything!

If you’re anything like what I described above, then this is for you.

I’m a teacher and often times I feel like I’m in a box. I feel as if teaching is the only thing I can do, especially in the traditional sense of being inside the four walls of my classroom. I’ve quickly realized that the four walls of my classroom don’t define me. What my school asks me to teach also doesn’t define me. As an educator, I have a wealth of knowledge that is ignited by the personal passion I have. That passion and knowledge can lend itself to a wealth of possibilities in this world that stretch far beyond the traditional concept of teaching. So, keeping in mind your current career, hobbies, or interests…let those be something that exposes you to other possibilities in the world. Don’t allow yourself to be boxed into ANYTHING!

Turn your passions into plans.

Of course, my passion is educating and teaching, but take any passion you have and make it work for you! If you’re dying to break out of the box you find yourself in, start brainstorming ways you can turn the things you love into something for yourself. This can look like a passion project (like a blog or Instagram account), your own business, or a partnership with a trusted colleague or friend. Don’t let your own self-doubt or the doubts of others stop you from seeing the value you can offer the world.

If you are passionate about something, then you have value to add in that space in the world. Do you think the market you’re passionate about is saturated? If it’s “saturated” that means people are interested in it and tuned into it. Don’t let that stop you from trying! Whether it be just for fun or a potential career, always be your biggest supporter and GO FOR IT! No one is going to believe in you more than YOURSELF, so stop the self-doubt NOW. I have needed to hear this for so long in my own life, and knew that there has to be so many other moms out there who need to hear this too!


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