Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Valentine’s Day (like all holidays in my case) is creeping up quickly. My husband is impossible to buy for and our time together is very limited between demanding careers and little kids. We’ve found it’s easier to have fun experiences together than to give each other gifts. Dinner and a movie are great but can get expensive fast. Here are some low to no cost date options for you and your honey.

Valentine's Day

Downtown Baton Rouge on a Saturday

One of my favorite Valentine’s Day’s with my husband was when we spent a Saturday downtown together. We had breakfast at the Farmers Market (not over 10 bucks) and there’s lots of options! We went to the capital building and although my husband grew up here, he hadn’t gone since he was in 5th grade. After that, we visited the Louisiana State Museum which is such an incredible experience … and only 6 dollars a person!

Sweat It Out

Being active together is romantic right? It can be! Encouraging each other to push through a tough time can be pretty symbolic of marriage. That’s usually how it goes whenever we run the Lakes of LSU. My husband is pushing me to move faster and work harder, and I’ve always considered exercising together, whether in a CrossFit class or running, a date. It’s not putting on a tight dress and going to Ruth Chris’ but it’s also free!

Brewery Tours

Louisiana has no shortage of breweries to visit, but we took a day trip to Abita Springs to see how its namesake beer is made. The car ride is just long enough to have some great conversation, something that is pretty rare these days. It’s 5 dollars a person for the tour and drink tokens are included. Don’t drink? There’s still lots of tasty root beer and cream soda options so everyone can enjoy. I suggest asking an Abita employee for their suggestions on local eateries or you can grab some grub from one of the food trucks nearby. Money saved!

These are just a few low cost options you and your love can enjoy together. You might not spend a lot of money, but the memories will be priceless!

Camille has always had ties to Baton Rouge even though she didn’t live here until she finished college. Both of her parents grew up in the Red Stick but she was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. After graduating from the University of Tennessee (Go Vols!) with a BA in Communication Studies, she moved to Baton Rouge and welcomed her adorable son Caleb (7) less than a year later. She navigated life being a divorced mom until 2015 when she married her incredibly supportive husband Chris in San Francisco. They welcomed baby Christian in the summer of 2017. Truly a “Jane of all Trades”, she has worked in non-profit, local news, retail management, and owned a successful childcare facility. All roads led her to be an elementary school teacher which she believes is her calling. Camille enjoys “family fun days” where they explore BR, CrossFit, baking, and drinking all the coffee. She lives with her family in Ascension Parish with their chubby puggle Chloe.


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