Virtual to Hybrid Learning: 5 Tips for a Successful Transition

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Virtual to Hybrid Learning: 5 Tips for a Successful Transition

As of September 14th, the East Baton Rouge School System adopted a hybrid-learning Virtual to Hybrid Learning: 5 Tips for a Successful School Transitionmodel for PreK-5th grade students, and with the announcement of Phase III reopening, we are pursuing excellence as we gradually transition back to in-person classes. Creating an effective learning environment in your home and accessing district and community resources will be important for your student’s continued success both at home and in the classroom, especially if your child continues in the all-virtual model.

To ease children into the hybrid-learning experience, set up rules and expectations for active listening and participation at home, and familiarize yourself with the learning platform (Google Classroom/Google Meet/Microsoft Team) before getting started. You should also establish a routine at home that mimics the school day—complete with scheduled screen time and regular breaks—and create a calendar of assignments and due dates to keep your child on track and organized. Successful virtual learning is driven by your child’s surroundings, which should be free of distractions and contain all the necessary materials needed for instruction.

Whether your child is at home or in the classroom, you can follow these five tips from EBRPSS to make the 2020-2021 school year the best yet:

  1. Stay Connected With Teachers
    Educators are pushed to be more creative and work harder than ever before to prepare
    in-person and online instruction materials. Subscribe to your preferred method of parent
    communication (Class Dojo, Remind, Bloom, etc.) to ensure you and your child are up to date on the latest information.
  2. Prepare for the Week
    Review lesson plans with your child at the beginning of each week to help them
    understand and achieve their goals at home and in the classroom. Creating weekly or
    daily agendas will help your learner stay organized and follow their routine.
  3. Follow Current Health and Safety Guidelines
    Communicate with your child the importance of wearing a mask properly to protect peers, teachers and loved ones while at school. At home, practice proper mask-wearing, hand washing protocols, and coughing or sneezing etiquette to reiterate the importance of these health guidelines.
  4. Take Advantage of Tech Resources
    The district aims to equip each student with the tools they need to thrive. The EBRPSS
    TechReady program is an online resource for families to request mobile hotspots and
    school-issued devices like Chromebooks to ensure each student is properly connected for virtual learning. Families can also take advantage of community resources like the
    Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council’s Computers for Louisiana’s Families program
    for low-cost refurbished computers. If you need assistance with learning more about a
    tool your child is using, we recommend that you use the Technology Integration
    Department’s Tools for support.
  5. Stay Powered On
    It’s important to have reliable power near your learning area to keep your child’s
    computer fully charged while working. Make it a part of your child’s nightly routine to
    charge their electronic devices before going to bed, If you find yourself lacking internet
    connection, students can find an EBR Community Hot Spot to get connected throughout
    the day. Students and families can also submit a help desk ticket for issues with any
    district-issued device.

As we navigate the transition into hybrid-learning together, EBRPSS’ top priority is supporting students’ learning needs. Whether your child is struggling with the transition or they have special education needs, the district provides easy and transparent access to resources and information, as well as emotional support services for students and families through the ICARE program to effectively help students succeed every day.

Learn more information about hybrid-learning and our Phase III reopening plan at, and join the EBRPSS community today at


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