We’re SIX Red Stick Moms Stronger :: Meet Our New Contributors

We are thrilled to introduce our community to six new members of the Red Stick Mom team. Each one is a dynamic, warm and inspiring mom in Baton Rouge, and we can’t wait for you all to get to know them. We are humbled and honored to have these women join our team.

Haley Jones

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Her Krewe: Jared (husband) Iain (7) and Ronan (5)

Originally From: The Red Stick

Favorite Snowball flavor: Nectar cream extra cream

Favorite Baton Rouge Restaurant: Beausoleil

During LSU games you’ll find her… doing literally anything other than watching the game. *Pauses for collective gasp* I know, this is blasphemy, especially since both my husband and I graduated from LSU, but we’re just not a big football house. *Whispers* half the time I don’t even know when LSU is playing.

Favorite family outing in Baton Rouge: A zoo day or lunch and a trip to Barnes and Noble.

Raising kids in Baton Rouge is: everyday magic. We’re lucky to be so close to family and I love the small town vibe with city amenities. Baton Rouge is undergoing something of a renaissance and I’m happy my family and I are here for the ride.

Melissa Fleming

Her Krewe: Blake (husband), Evelyn (4), Clara (2), and Chloe (1)

Originally from: Baton Rouge

Favorite Snowball Flavor: Plain shaved ice (Yum)

Favorite Baton Rouge Restaurant: Ruffinos, should we escape baby jail long enough to go

During LSU games you’ll find me: Not watching, but aware that everyone else in Baton Rouge is

Favorite family outing in Baton Rouge: Visiting the Capitol Park Museum so we can show our girls where we got married

Raising kids in Baton Rouge is: Busy dreaming up baby friendly activities, working, and spending time with family

Michelle Danos

Her krewe: Husband: Michael, Maverick (5) and Melody (3 months)

Originally from: Marrero, La.

Favorite snowball flavor: mint chocolate and house made chocolate mixed from The Snohouse

Favorite Baton Rouge Restaurant: City Pork

During LSU games you’ll find her… surrounded by a charcuterie board and drinks having girl talk.

Favorite family outing in Baton Rouge: any BREC park with an amazing swing set

Raising kids in Baton Rouge is: the best of both worlds. The fast pace and busyness of the city and the peaceful pace of the country.

Tiffany Dunn

Her krewe: Husband, Dez, Micah (16) and Keilyn (10)

Originally from: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Favorite snowball flavor: Chantilly Snowball with fresh fruit

Favorite Baton Rouge Restaurant: Eliza Restaurant or Albasha Greek & Lebanese

During LSU games you’ll find her … having friends over to hang out, watch the game & BBQ

Favorite family outing in Baton Rouge: These days we go on a lot of drives… or oldest has his learner’s permit so we all load up in the car and drive around listening to music and giving him LOTS of practice time behind the wheel.

Raising kids in Baton Rouge is: a challenging experience…from choosing schools to learning the back roads, Baton Rouge has a lot to offer but can be overwhelming when you are suddenly navigating for small humans.

Priscila Ramirez

Her Krewe: Fiance Carlos, Bella (11) Noah (7) Violet (3)

Originally from: Dallas, Texas but was raised in Southeast Louisiana

Favorite snowball: Tigers Blood

Favorite Baton Rouge Restaurant: Ruth Chris’s and Modesto

During the LSU game: You will find me spending time with my family. We don’t really keep up with SEC games.

Favorite family outing in Baton Rouge: AMC theatre, Knock Knock Museum and Urban Air. I personally couldn’t pick a favorite 🙂

Raising kids in Baton Rouge: Has been a tad bit of a roller coaster but we take it day by day. We love the southern hospitality that has been given to us in our new community thus far. Baton Rouge has so much to offer that also keeps us busy.

Kellie Bourque

Her krewe: Husband Austin and daughter Addison (2) 

Originally from: Lafayette, LA 

Favorite snowball flavor: Pink Lady 

Favorite Baton Rouge Restaurant: City Pork Highland at Perkins —for the atmosphere and the charcuterie! 

During LSU games you’ll find her … tailgating with friends or at home, cooking pastalaya, and spending time with family! 

Favorite family outing in Baton Rouge: Coffee at French Truck, shopping at the Red Stick Farmers Market, lunch on a patio, and an afternoon playdate at the park or splash pad! 

Raising kids in Baton Rouge is: hard, but let’s be honest—raising kids anywhere is hard. We love all that Baton Rouge has to offer—fun experiences, great food, and it’s just a short drive away from our family in Lafayette! 


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