We’re THIRTEEN Red Stick Moms Stronger :: Meet Our New Contributors

We are thrilled to introduce our community to thirteen new members of the Red Stick Moms Blog team. Each one is a dynamic, warm and inspiring mom in Baton Rouge, and we can’t wait for you all to get to know them both online and in person at any of our upcoming events. We are humbled and honored to have these women join our team.

Angelle Terrell

Her krewe: James (2) and Jack (3 months)

Originally from: Lafayette, LA

Favorite snowball flavor: Wedding cake with condensed milk

Favorite Baton Rouge Restaurant: The Chimes or Di Giulio Brothers

During LSU games you’ll find her :: Trying to think of an excuse to call an Uber from the tailgate so I can cheer for the Tigers in the comfort of my bed. This is exceedingly hard to accomplish as my husband is not only in charge of the tailgate, but a “we don’t leave until the game is over” type of fan.

Favorite family outing in Baton Rouge: Our neighborhood BREC park or the Knock Knock Museum.

Raising kids in Baton Rouge is: A serendipitous surprise. I never thought that I would start a family anywhere else but my hometown of Lafayette, but I’m glad we have planted roots in the Red Stick.

Nicole Tucker

Her krewe: Mila (1) and Mr. Big (furbaby of 5 years)

Originally from: Baton Rouge, LA

Her favorite snowball: Bahama Mama

Her favorite Baton Rouge restaurant: Bistro Byronz or Elsie’s Plate & Pie

During LSU games you’ll find her: Out shopping because everyone else is at the game or watching the game. It’s seriously the best time to get errands done.

Favorite family outing in Baton Rouge: When the weather cooperates (you never really know in Baton Rouge), anywhere we can just walk around and watch Mila explore. Sometimes that is in our neighborhood and sometimes that is out shopping at Perkins Rowe.

Raising kids in Baton Rouge is: exciting because I will be able to share some of my memories and traditions growing up. Also, my parents still live here so it’s always nice to include them on making memories more often.

Ana Orosco

Her krewe: Husband, cat, and beagle

Originally from: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Favorite snowball flavor: Someone please introduce me to multiple flavors! In Brazil we have something similar, my favorite flavors were lemon and grape.

Favorite Baton Rouge Restaurants: Louie’s Cafe and Sammy’s 

Favorite Baton Rouge meal: Eggplant Parmesan from Sammy’s / Bread Pudding from Louie’s 

During LSU games you’ll find her: Likely hanging out at the house

Favorite family outing in Baton Rouge: LSU Lakes

Raising kids in Baton Rouge is: I shall find out!

Jolie Holmes

My Krewe: Justin (4 years old) and Bennett (1 year old)

Originally From: Baton Rouge, La

Favorite Snoball: Chocolate w/ extra condensed milk from Mrs. V’s in Central

Favorite Baton Rouge Meal: Olive Garden’s never ending salad. Or my Daddy’s spaghetti with meatballs!

During LSU games you’ll find me: cheering with friends from someone’s couch.

Favorite family outing in Baton Rouge: we love being outside! BREC parks or the zoo is where we can usually be found.

Raising kids in Baton Rouge is: so much fun! I love that they have access to a great school system along with the ability to celebrate every occasion (historical or otherwise) with festivals or parades or just having family and friends over for crawfish or BBQ.

Dee Odom

Her krewe: Corrinne (age 3) and Josiah (age 7)

Originally from: Jonesboro, LA (I also lived briefly in Rochester, MN)

Her favorite snowball flavor: My mother-in-law owns a snowball stand in Mid City so I am always mixing something different. My favorite would have to be Green Apple with Caramel Drizzle

Her favorite Baton Rouge restaurant is: Since my husband and I own a catering company I would have to say Odom’s Fine Catering (Odom’s Kitchen). However, when I’m not digging his grubs, you can find me at Willie’s Restaurant.

During LSU games you’ll find her: I am an alumna of the North Louisiana Tiger Team, Grambling State University, so on game day you will find me in Eddie Robinson Stadium or following the game while enjoying great eats with family and friends.

Favorite family outing in Baton Rouge? Our favorite family outing is either a trip to the park or the Movie Theater.

Raising kids in Baton Rouge is: very rewarding. Rearing our children here affords us the opportunity to expose them to various cultures while being a stone’s throw from family and friends, “our village.” Our children are able to explore the great outdoors and enjoy the Sounds of Nature. We are able to bring them up in a church that not only teaches them about the love of God and Jesus, but embraces them with a kindred spirit of togetherness.

Kirsten Beary

Her Krewe: Jaxon (4), Adelaide, (2.5), and Declan (5 weeks old)

Originally from: Lafayette, LA

Her favorite snowball flavor is: Strawberry Cheesecake DOOZIE. And if you don’t know I’m talking about take a trip to Olivia’s. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Her favorite Baton Rouge Restaurant is: TOLA in Denham Springs! It’s not in Baton Rouge but not too far and their sweet potato bread pudding makes the drive totally worth it!

During LSU games, you’ll find her: My family isn’t a sports family (insert crowd gasp here) so for LSU games, you’ll find me anywhere but at the game! Lol

Favorite family outing in Baton Rouge: The most basic of all family outings- a park. Independence Community Park is our current favorite because that park offers everything you need to have a good time. Food from the Café, beautiful sights from the Gardens, and fun for all at the Liberty Lagoon splash pad!

Raising kids in Baton Rouge is: the perfect opportunity to live “big city” but also live in an area where southern/Cajun ways apply.

Danielle Bache

Her krewe: Raising John Wyatt (7ms) while honoring the memory of his late brother, John Weston.

Originally from: Walker, Louisiana.

Her favorite snowball flavor is: Frog in a Blender

Her favorite Baton Rouge meal is: For lunch, I love a Hot Lonnie’s sandwich from The Overpass Merchant. But for date night, nothing beats brisket tacos and a live band at Superior!

During LSU games, you will find her: pounding on the tunnel as the tigers run out from the north end one! 

Favorite Family Outing in Baton Rouge is: gazing at a star show at the Planetarium. 

Raising kids in Baton Rouge is: hot, humid, and absolutely fantastic! It’s a place where the people are just as fulfilling as the rich culture surrounding them. 

Monique Douglas 

Her krewe: Maisyn, 1 year old

Originally from: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Favorite Snowball flavor: Wedding cake with condensed milk and/or stuffed with ice cream

Favorite BR restaurant: Ruffino’s

During LSU games, you will find her: either 1) Tailgating with friends outside 2) At home screaming at the TV for the nail-biter games or 3) in Tiger Stadium

Favorite family outing: Splash pad at Highland Road Park or Knock Knock Museum

Raising Kids in Baton Rouge: is so much fun! So many events for kids in the ever-growing city of Baton Rouge. I am excited to raise my daughter in the same place where I was raised.

Breana Batton

Her Krewe: Thomas (4)

Originally From: Thibodaux, LA

Favorite snowball flavor: Wedding Cake

Her favorite Baton Rouge meal is: Ramen from Chow Yum Phat at White Star Market…and all Brunch foods and all the amazing Brunch locations in Baton Rouge!

During LSU games you’ll find her: watching the Golden Band from Tiger Land practice for three hours on the practice field before they march down the hill … with Thomas dressed as the cutest Tiger Band Member (seriously, it is the cutest thing you’ll ever see – he is so passionate!)

Favorite family outing in Baton Rouge: The first Friday of every month is Family Friday’s at Tin Roof Brewery with a bounce house and free face paint+balloon animals, it is a BLAST! We also try to find free events and live bands to listen to every week around the city!

Raising kids in Baton Rouge is: SO FUN! There are always so many activities and events to keep the family educated and entertained!

Ray Duckworth

Her krewe: Aeris (1)

Originally from:  Baton Rouge

Her favorite snowball flavor: Green Apple

Her favorite Baton Rouge restaurant: The Chimes

During LSU games you’ll find her: Watching the game at home with my family or at WalkOn’s with my girls.

Favorite family outing in Baton Rouge: Strolling downtown or Knock Knock Museum.

Raising kids in Baton Rouge is: amazing because I get to share memories of my childhood as well as make new ones with my daughter. 


Theresa Langlois

Her krewe: Piper 7 and Parker 5

Originally from: Gonzales, LA  (GO Spartans!!)

Her favorite snowball flavor: Strawberry with condensed milk

Her favorite Baton Rouge Restaurant is: Anywhere my husband is cooking
but alsoFrench Market Bistro, City Pork and Bao (If I have to pick just one, I FAIL) ..lol

During LSU games you’ll find her: I worked at LSU for 4 years and spent many a game on the field, so these days I like a home BBQ with Tigers on the TV or an occasional tailgate with old friends.

Favorite family outing in Baton Rouge: A day at Little wars and Louisiana Double Play comic book store with a stop for ice cream at Marble Slab

Raising kids in Baton Rouge is:  untamed, ever flowing and changing like the Mississippi river itself.  My girls are blessed to be raised southern, with all the opportunities that Baton Rouge has to offer and a culture that is blended from all over the world.

Heather Westbrook 

Krewe: Lanny Kleinpeter, Camiron (14), Owen (7), & Griffin (3 months, we are working on a photo of all of us together)

Originally From: Eunice, LA

Favorite Snowball Flavor: Spearmint

Favorite Baton Rouge Restaurant: Willie’s Restaurant & Bar

During LSU Games You’ll Find Her: Tailgating with The LSU Grim Reaper at Tiger Stadium, especially if I’ve scored some tickets- or tailgating with my family and leaving to watch the game somewhere with Hot Wings!

Favorite Family Outing in Baton Rouge: I LOVE taking my kids to the Main Library on Goodwood, especially if we decide it’s a Book Scavenger Hunt Day!  We also love going to the LSU lakes to run (me), walk (them) and the park across the street!

Raising Kids in Baton Rouge is: rewarding, for me. I feel like I’m still raising them with small town values in an inclusive community, like I had growing up, but have the benefits of city life with so many more opportunities recreationally and educationally right at our back door!

Carrie Driver

Her krewe: Joseph, my husband, Sydney (3), and Lillian (2)

Originally from: Baton Rouge

Her favorite snowball flavor: After working in a snowball stand, I can’t pick just one.

Her favorite Baton Rouge restaurant is: I love Hanna Q’s BBQ.

During LSU games you’ll find her: Either at home or at a friend’s house cheering on the tigers. Every once in a while you might find us at the games.

Favorite family outing in Baton Rouge? Attending local festivals. We go to so many festivals that my oldest makes up her own pretend festivals.

Raising kids in Baton Rouge is… an adventure! There is so much to do and so many family events to attend. Some weekends it is hard to pick just two events.



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