What a Health Sciences Approach to Learning Means

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Baton Rouge Ochsner Discovery Health Sciences Academy. We are super excited to welcome them to Baton Rouge in 2023! Would you like a visual of what the school will look like? Check out a tour of an identical school in New Orleans HERE

What a Health Sciences Approach to Learning Means 

What a Health Sciences Approach to Learning Means The Discovery approach to education introduces health sciences into meaningful projects that prepare students for the real world. Health sciences are infused across all subjects using cutting-edge educational technology, experiential learning, inquiry instruction, and problem-solving through observation, inferencing, synthesis, and evaluation.  

Our goal is to give students a solid academic foundation for career and college readiness and lifelong learning. The curriculum prepares students for the modern world and gives them hands-on learning opportunities where they can practice essential skills for life such as critical thinking, teamwork, creative problem solving, project management, innovative thinking, and confidence that stems from academic achievement. 

Discovery’s education model is one that equips its students with skills based on honor, responsibility, and tolerance as well as endurance for learning. These skills readily transfer into valuable secondary learning and workforce settings. Discovery students are prepared to solve challenging problems, use technology, work together, and think creatively. The health sciences model teaches students sustainability of the environment, proactive health care, good nutrition, and healthy lifestyle choices. A health sciences curriculum is well-suited to teaching these skills.

What makes Discovery Different? 

  • Health sciences infusion across all subjects 
  • Experiential learning 
  • Design thinking process 
  • Positive school culture 

What does the student experience at Discovery look like?

  • The maximum class size is 26. 
  • There are 2 teachers for every 26 students in PreK-1st. There is a lead teacher and a co-teacher in each class.
  • HEART: Honor, Endurance, Academic Achievement, Responsibility, and Tolerance are at the core of our school culture.
  • We offer academic Intervention in reading and math for students who need additional assistance.
  • Counseling Services are offered for students in need.
  • Discovery offers a full range of Special Education services for those who qualify. 
  • Students benefit from extracurricular classes learning the fundamentals of music, art, physical education, Spanish, STEM, and computer. 
  • Clubs are plentiful and available based on student interest.
  • Athletics is offered from 3rd grade through 8th. Currently, our lower schools offer flag football, girls and boys basketball, and soccer. 

About Discovery Schools

Discovery Schools began in Kenner, Louisiana, and has enjoyed 10 years of academic excellence. Discovery Schools currently operates 2 schools in Jefferson Parish, Kenner Discovery (PK-12) and Dr. John Ochsner Discovery (PK-8), educating 2,900 students. Since its inception, Discovery Schools have earned either an A or B from the Louisiana Department of Education on annual state testing. We are excited to open a third school and bring Discovery’s successful education model to the Baton Rouge area this fall. 

Through a strong academic program, and health sciences integration students are able to discover talents, explore opportunities, and achieve success.

Who Can Apply? 

All Louisiana residents are eligible to apply! We do not require testing for students to gain admission. We are currently accepting applications for students entering Pre-K through 4th grade. We will add a grade level each year until reaching 8th grade.

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Interested in Learning More? 

Join us at the following events to learn more about Baton Rouge Ochsner Discovery Health Sciences Academy. 

February 9, 2023, @ 6:30 – In-person Info Session 

February 16, 2023, @ Noon – Virtual Info Session

March 2, 2023, @ 6:30 – In-person Info Session

In-person info sessions are held at the school auditorium located at 17255 S Harrells Ferry Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70816

For more information visit our website or contact the admissions office at 255-800-9947 or [email protected].

Follow us on Instagram @brochsnerdiscovery and Facebook for the latest updates!


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