What is a Nursing Cart and Why Every New Mom Needs One

A nursing cart was something I had never heard of 5.5 years ago when I had my first baby. But this time around, I discovered Karrie Locher and her infamous nursing cart and I knew I needed one, especially since I was going to be recovering from a c-section. This time around, I wanted to try and make as much of my life as easy as possible.

What is a nursing cart?

It’s essentially a one-stop organizational system for anything you need in arms reach throughout the day or night. I decided to designate our very well-loved IKEA cart as my nursing cart! I chose this cart because it was on wheels and it was so convenient to bring it from the bedroom to the living room which we have done for the first 2 months of our baby’s life.

What’s in my nursing cart?

Since the IKEA cart has 3 tiers I tried to split everything up from most used to least. 

Top tier:
Baby bum sanitizer (link)
Homemade “calming baby” spray
Nail file
Nose frida nose
Earth mama nipple cream
Tubby Todd All Over Ointment
Nasal Aspirator
Rumina Naturals Milk Aplenty
Mushroom teether
Water bottle
Formula tower
Mushi pacifiers 

Middle tier::
My snack basket
Daily vitamins
Burp cloths

Bottom tier::
Pump and pump parts
Nursing pads 

The beauty of a nursing cart is you can put anything and everything you may need for the stage you are in and rearrange it as you see fit. From personal experience, having my nursing cart beside me has been so handy. I cannot count the number of times that I’m nap trapped and haven’t eaten so having snacks in reach is amazing as well as the ability to make bottles on the spot. If you’re a new mom and haven’t made a nursing cart, I highly suggest it, if you do have one … I’d love to hear what are some of your must-haves!

Michelle, and her wonderful husband Michael, moved to Baton Rouge from Houma, 3 years ago to help launch Anchor Chapel. Though it's been 3 years, there's a 99.9% chance she'll still get lost unless she uses the GPS on her phone. They are the parents to a spunky, Disney loving 2-year-old named Maverick. She graduated from Nicholls State University and earned her degree in Mass Communication with a concentration in Public Relations. She has since then has decided to trade that in for a life of a working stay at home mom. She loves all things Jesus, Lush, and Disney!


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