What You Should Know About Your Kids Losing Teeth

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What You Should Know About Your Kids Losing Teeth

There’s that moment when the kiddo comes to you with the tooth wiggling, seemingly
hanging on by a thread. It’s a huge milestone and you realize you don’t have a baby
anymore. We get a lot of questions about when this should happen, what to do, and
ways to ease any fear that may be there. Let’s chat.

When that sweet bundle of joy starts teething you can expect 20 teeth to emerge. All
serving different purposes from speaking to chewing. This starts at about six months
and over the course of the next years. When should they start losing teeth?

We find most children start losing teeth between four years old and seven, but there is no real age that is important.

What’s more important is the order in which they fall out. “All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth” is more than the cute lyrics to a song. Those top teeth are typically the first to be given up to the tooth fairy right alongside the bottom two teeth. These are the central incisors. Typically the progression of losing baby teeth and gaining the new adult teeth run then from lateral incisors, first molars, canines, and second molars follow till about 12 years old. All in all 32 adult teeth will erupt typically up until adulthood.

Losing and gaining teeth can be a lot for a little one to take in. There are so many
children’s books about losing teeth and what to expect. The best thing you can do is
create a relationship between your child and the dentist at a young age. This creates a
relationship of trust for the child to ask all the questions and learn in a safe environment.
Bencaz Dental Care sees children starting at three years old. We take most dental
insurances and offer our Discount Dental Plan for families without insurance. We can’t
wait to take care of your littles precious smile and letting them dig in our treasure chest
reserved just for them!

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