When Quitting Wins: Making the Decision to Walk Away

Winners never quit, and quitters never win!

Don’t give up – Stay Focused!

There is no failure except giving up.

My Instagram and Facebook feeds are flooded with motivational phrases such as these, with the belief that if you fail or quit … then you just weren’t motivated enough. The mindset is that quitting should never be considered as an option.

Recently, a friend of mine was telling me how her oldest daughter, who has been passionate about dance for years had come to her wanting to quit. Her daughter was exhausted and started to dread the multiple weekly rehearsals. It had become a constant battle in their house concerning dance practice. In the end, they walked away.

I feel that having to continue something that isn’t enjoyable anymore contributes to more anxiety, dread, and sometimes depression. You are doing a disservice to yourself if you are no longer participating wholeheartedly.

If what you are doing feels like a chore and the idea of the activity brings feelings of dread and avoidance, it is 100% time to quit and walk away! There is no shame in leaving something that doesn’t fulfill you anymore.

A winner is a loser who never quits.

You’re never a loser until you quit trying.

Society has drilled that the goal is to win, be the best, and achieve – so of course, no one wants to resign. The words quitter and loser leave such a negative impression that we try to avoid being labeled this way at all costs, even though sometimes we know very well that is the best action to take.

Letting Go

The idea about holding on to the premise that quitting makes you a slacker or unmotivated is that it begins to drain all of your energy and prevents you from living your best life. Acknowledging that the activity is no longer enjoyable or suits you is a powerful action. Walking away is freeing yourself up for a new direction and adventure.

I didn’t say it was easy

Now I didn’t say it has been easy to allow my children or myself to change courses. Having to admit you are on the wrong path is hard, especially if you have been on that path for some time. But sometimes the hardest decisions are the most needed ones.

So I challenge you to not feel guilty about your choice. Just do it! I challenge you to stand tall and fill your time doing things that only bring you joy!

Elizabeth Boudreaux
Elizabeth and her husband Nicholas have been married for 13 years. They live in Geismar with their 3 children, Addison (9), Parker (5), and Laurel (2). She is from Franklin, LA and moved to Baton Rouge after receiving her Master’s in Business Administration from Southeastern Louisiana University. She is a Budget Administrator for the Department of Public Safety. She relies on sarcasm, a dry sense of humor, and the occasional cocktail to deal with the daily demands of motherhood. She loves crawfish, clean sheets, vacuuming, and the latest crime documentary on Netflix.


  1. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your words of wisdom! So accurate! As the old saying goes, ´we do know when it’s time to go- giving ourselves permission to do so is always the indicator that WE have arrived. Being the authentic You is always the best choice!
    Hugs from a distance.
    Markie Ann Granger Theriot (X) Lazar ✔️❤️


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