Why it’s Important for your Student to Receive One on One Homework Help at Studyville

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Why it’s Important for your Student to Receive One on One Homework Help at Studyville

Why it’s Important for your Student to Receive One on One Homework Help at Studyville
Studyville believes that every student is one of a kind
, and we aim to treat them that way!
In traditional classroom settings, students don’t have much of an opportunity to work with their teachers alone. This can hinder students who may have different learning styles or who can’t always keep up with the teacher’s pace. When students come to Studyville and have the opportunity to engage with their tutor one on one, we make sure our students get the necessary attention they need and deserve.

Our Unique Approach

The importance of teaching students as individuals throughout the learning process is of utmost importance to Studyville tutors. We understand that each student has different objectives within a private session, and we work with our students to find the best possible solution for achieving those goals. For instance, tutors have noted that some students understand material best when it is presented to them visually. In those cases, our tutors can utilize one of the whiteboards present in every private room, a tablet, or even our interactive whiteboard to help the student understand the material. At Studyville, we take the time to get to know our students as more than just students when teaching them material. We recognize that academia isn’t one size fits all and consider outside factors that come into play when a student needs help understanding material.

Cancel Whenever—REALLY—Any Time

Studyville was founded by a mom of two students, and she knows firsthand how something can change the day’s schedule at the drop of a pin. That’s why Studyville doesn’t have a cancellation policy. No, really! We don’t penalize you for canceling your appointment the week before, the day before, or even right before it’s scheduled to begin. Studyville aims to Take the Homework Fight Out of the HomeⓇ, and with a cancellation policy that lets you cancel whenever, we hope we’re one step closer to helping parents and guardians achieve that goal.

Session Summaries

You can rest assured that your student received the help they needed in their private session because you will receive a session summary after each one on one consultation. Studyville tutors email a summary of the session detailing their assessment of your student’s understanding of the material and any notes for moving forward. That means when you pick your student up from Studyville and they say they’ve finished all of their homework, you can check the session summary to confirm. Additionally, session summaries are a good way to keep track of how much help your student may need. Our tutors will typically recommend a course of action for your student’s success.

Prep for finals, APⓇ Exams, ACTⓇ, and SATⓇ

Most of our tutors are in college or have already obtained a college degree, so they’re well versed in the importance of preparation and what it takes to succeed academically—our tutors use their learned experiences and expert knowledge to teach your students the same. Studyville offers private and group tutoring for the ACTⓇ and SATⓇ, one on one sessions for APⓇ Exams, and, of course, finals prep. We make sure to pair your students with tutors who have backgrounds in excelling at the standardized tests and APⓇ courses themselves to ensure that your student receives the best and most accurate tutoring experience we can offer.

Session Packages for the Summer to keep up with Math and Reading

If you want to ensure that your students are prepared for the upcoming school year and don’t fall behind over the summer, head over to our website and check out our summer tutoring packages. We have packages for one on one math and reading sessions where our tutors will work with your students over the course of the summer to maintain and build their skills for the new school year. While you’re there, check out our other summer camp offerings! Studyville is ready for a summer break full of fun and learning!



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