WTH Are You Talking About?

As if being a new mom isn’t hard enough, try logging into a message board, Facebook group, or even group text, and your mind will be blown by acronyms and mom sayings. All the EBFs, SAHMs, and DDs have you wondering if this is some Navajo code talking trick and you’re Japan (#WWIIreference).


Moms, if you’re confused as I was, I’ll share my breakdown and commentary of what all the acronyms really mean.

When it comes to feeding…

EBF – traditional meaning “exclusive breast feeding” or “exclusively breastfed.” This acronym is usually used in the context of, oh my gosh, my baby won’t nurse, but I want to EBF. I hope I don’t have to FF. Which brings us to our next acronym.

FF – Not to be confused with frick and frack. FF means “formula feed.” Trust, if you use this acronym in an EBF message group, things will get lit. Fast.

BM – “breast milk” or “bowel movement” is a wonderful dual meaning acronym that could be used in the same sentence. For instance, Hi moms. I’m a FTM and, my BM leaks when I have a BM. Is that normal?

EP – “exclusive pumping” refers to moms who exclusively pump their breast milk (as opposed to nursing at the breast) and give it to their babies via a bottle. Basically feeling like a dairy cow every 3-4 hours, around the clock. Bless the mommas who do this — that is tough!

HUTH – “hang up the horns” refers to when you are done pumping for good. Typically happens when you are in the process of weaning your little one from breast milk.

BLW – “baby led weaning” refers to a method of introducing solids to a baby (at least 6 months old) that doesn’t involve any kind of spoon feeding or pureed foods, rather beginning with foods in their true state from the start.

When it comes to career choice…

SAHM – “stay at home mom” this means you bust it all day and don’t get paid. You may feel guilty for not earning an income.

WAHM – “work at home mom” this means you have kids climbing all over you while you’re trying to work, and you’re fortunate for “having it all.”

WOM or WOHM – “work out of the home mom” this means you earn an income. You bust it in and out of the home, and you feel guilty for using daycare.


When it comes to loves of your lives…

DD/DS/LO – “dear daughter” or “dear son” and “little one” used to express your undying love for your children especially when said child does something particularly precious…or particularly terrible.

DH – “dear husband” used to express your undying love for your husband especially when said husband does something particularly precious…may also be used sarcastically.

DuH – “dumb husband” used to express your outright disdain for your husband especially when said husband does something particularly stupid. For instance, DuH came home from work and sat on the couch. Does he not realize I’m up all night EBF and WOH?! The struggle.

When it comes to reproducing…

BC – most popularly known as “before Christ,” but in the mom sector it means “birth control.”

POAS – “pee on a stick” also known as taking a pregnancy test.

TTC – “trying to conceive” the opposite of BC.

Other things moms say that I’m sure our moms didn’t say…

“all the things” – a mom’s way of encompassing many items, usually said with emphasis or typed in all caps. We are packing for our annual beach vacation, and the kids want to bring ALL THE THINGS.

“so much yes” or “so much this”  – a mom’s way of saying “preach!”

“turnt” or “turned up” – a mom’s way of saying the kids won’t go to bed.

“Netflix and chill” – a mom’s way of telling her significant other that she wants to binge watch her favorite shows and be left the heck alone.

So, the next time you read this in a message board…

Hi Moms, the other night my DH asked me to “Netflix and chill. I’ve been off the BC, and now I’m feeling a little nauseated. I’ve heard that you can’t get pregnant while EBF, but should I POAS?

You’ll know what to say: what a DuH.

So moms, what’s your favorite (or cringe-worthy) acronyms and mommy sayings?

Jada grew up on the bayou in Larose. She moved to Baton Rouge for college, and quickly decided to call it home. In 2011, she married Zack, and in 2013 they had their daughter, Aubrey. They're also expecting another girl, Charlie, in August. Jada owns Movement Fitness in Watson, and loves helping women reach their wellness goals. When she's not working or parenting - oh lets be honest, those times are few and far between - she loves attending LSU and Saints games, cooking, playing golf badly, and being outdoors.


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