Youth Oasis Needs Your Support to End Youth Homelessness!

Youth Oasis Needs Your Support to End Youth Homelessness!

How Did Youth Oasis Begin?

Youth Oasis was founded in 1998 by members of local social service agencies and universities who saw the need for a transitional living program for young adults aging out of foster care. In 2002, a basic emergency shelter was added to support at-risk youth ages 10-17.

In 2016, we launched a program to include services unique to the LGBTQ+ community called “Diversity House.” Today, Youth Oasis remains true to its foundation of breaking the cycle of homelessness in our community and state by operating the foster youth shelter, transitional living center, and Diversity House. Currently, the Executive Director is Ms. Tekoah Boatner.

What are Youth Oasis services for the community?

Youth Oasis of Baton RougeOver the years our services have changed to meet the needs of the youth and families in the city of Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. Our services are for youth and young adults ages 16-24.

  • Short term and long-term Housing
  • Life skills
  • Education – High school and GED program opportunities
  • Connections to employment opportunities
  • Case Management
  • Healthcare referrals
  • Emergency resources
  • Advocacy & resources
  • Open donations for continuous living necessities

Our Mission

Youth Oasis’ mission is to support youth and young adults recovering from the trauma of homelessness and family separation through housing, healthcare, and advocacy.

Over 4 million youth between the ages of 13 to 25, have experienced homelessness in some way and over 400,000 youth are in the foster care system, and millions are also in and out of juvenile detention centers. Many of those youth are people of color and are part of the LGBTQ+ community.

What Are the Causes for Youth Homelessness?

When you see a homeless person, have you ever wondered about their journey, trauma, or how their situation came to be?

To truly advocate, you must understand why this is happening in the first place. Unfortunately, there are environmental factors such as low wages and poor educational choices which lead to social oppression, putting youth at risk of experiencing homelessness, foster care, and juvenile detention. Many LGBTQ youths of color are still being kicked out of homes and family structures due to their identities, leaving them not only homeless and without necessities but vulnerable to human trafficking, street violence, harassment, and survivor sex work that can lead to transmitting STI’s. As the nation obtains some LGBTQ+ rights, commercialization of PRIDE festivals, and even inclusive workspaces and learning centers, there is still a real threat and discrimination happening to LGBTQ+ youth, especially those living in rural areas and small towns. The lack of access to homeless shelters and inclusive services is shockingly few and remote, especially in rural areas in the southern states.

Many youths are surviving on the streets, couch surfing, or in and out of shelters which can lead to risky behaviors and acts of criminalization. Not to mention, many youths of color are placed in juvenile detention for reasons of racial injustice and trauma from past experiences because most law enforcement is not properly trained to recognize and truly understand just yet.

This causes a journey in and out of the criminal justice system and adds to more layers of trauma and the cycle of being unstable.

How Can You Support?

There is hope, and it may begin with you!

Come volunteer, donate, or be a donor at Youth Oasis for youth homelessness. Please email us at [email protected] or visit our website to complete our online volunteer application and to learn more information to support our youth.

However, the work doesn’t stop there! Every parent or invested adult can in some way educate themselves and their children on youth homelessness, and teach the importance of not just great community service and volunteering but accepting and celebrating people and peers that are different and living different identities. Help end the cycle of bullying and harassment to youth in poverty, who identify as LGBTQ /Queer, and youth who have experienced trauma by expanding their learning with books, videos, brochures, and other resources designed for youth education.

Although many moms are juggling a busy and hectic schedule, we understand, there are plenty of ways you can give a supportive hand by donating or providing a financial donation to youth homeless centers in your local area. Your contribution and support help many programs and services create sustainability and reach more youth!

If only for one day out of the year, make a choice to expand your village and share your unique ability to nurture youth. You are the Oasis!

About Timeless Tate

Timeless Tate, Media & Outreach Coordinator at Youth Oasis. A writer, humanitarian, and community educator who has years of working within non-profit and social services spaces. Born in Montgomery, Alabama, the home of the civil rights movement, and moved to Louisiana after college. She enjoys reading, providing community education, and supporting LGBTQ+/Queer communities.


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