10 Fall/Summer Beach Essentials with Babies



We survived the beach with 4 kids. Alone. It was a challenge but we conquered. Ages 5,3,1, and 8months. We wanted a change of scenery and Labor Day weekend was the weekend to do it! I have read so many different lists about what to bring to the beach to be prepared and so I thought I would drop a few items that we used to help with our successful trip.

1) Beach Wagon – I recommend getting two.  One for kids to ride and one to hold all of your beach bags and beach items. they fold up easily and don’t take up too much space. Can use as a bed for naps too.  Pro tip: Big Wheels for sand!

2) X-Large Scout Beach Bag – This bag is amazing. It’s huge and holds towels, sunscreen, beach toys, and anything and everything….. in one bag! It stands upright, is water resistant, and has a zipper.  I know Bogg Bags have taken the cake for the last few years but there is no Bogg Bag this size. Put this bag in your beach wagon and you are set!

3) Yeti Backpack Ice chest – A MUST! Easy to carry, only bring what you need for the semi-short time that you actually get to spend on the beach because you are there with babies… Great Gift too!

4) KidCo chair – folds up quickly and easily. Great for the beach and pool.

5) Collapsable sand buckets – easy pickup and packing. Tip: fill one bucket up with water. When kids are ready for a snack but don’t like the sand on their hands, dip their hands in the bucket to wash off the sand.

6) Best Baby Float  – perfect float for you and your baby!

7) Beach blanket – This does not repel sand. It does give you something for you and your kids to sit and play on other than sand.

8) Baby fruit feeder – stuff with fruit and it’s a great cold snack for your babies.

9) Zinc Oxide Sunscreen – I have kiddos with insanely sensitive skin and this made a huge difference compared to other sensitive sunscreens I have tried.

10) Calvins Chicken Salad….. IYKYK – snack and sandwich heaven for mom and dad.

What would you add to this list? 

Jennifer Sanders
Jennifer is a Dental Hygienist at Juban Cowen Dental Care in Baton Rouge. She and her husband Luke have 4 children (Grant, Hannah, Wes and Lee). She lives for the weekends and soaks up every second of family time. Jennifer is the proud owner of a minivan she swore she would never drive. She absolutely loves to cook and so does Luke. They have mastered the “at home” date night and challenge themselves with new recipes on weekends. Together they are working through fun times and challenges as a family of 6!


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