Jennifer Sanders

Jennifer is a Dental Hygienist at Juban Cowen Dental Care in Baton Rouge. She and her husband Luke have 4 children (Grant, Hannah, Wes and Lee). She lives for the weekends and soaks up every second of family time. Jennifer is the proud owner of a minivan she swore she would never drive. She absolutely loves to cook and so does Luke. They have mastered the “at home” date night and challenge themselves with new recipes on weekends. Together they are working through fun times and challenges as a family of 6!

You’re Taking Me On A Date….

Friendly Advice Remember when you were getting married or having your first baby and you heard the advice about "Designate one night a week for a date night." I love this idea! Let's do this! Burst...

Case of the Mondays

Monday morning ... here you are again. Most Monday mornings I am ready to greet the week feeling rested and accomplished now that my meal prepping is done and the laundry isn't just washed but...