10 Kid Friendly Things to do while Social Distancing

With the recent news, there may be parents out there who want to stay home with their kiddos. Here are some fun things to do with your kids while social distancing.

  1. Go outside – It’s what we did growing up every day after school. Have a picnic, run around or just relax. There has been some pretty weather the last few days, take advantage!
  2. Stream movies and TV shows – I may get flack for this but let your kids watch some Disney classics or old shows, for example the old show Out of the Box (my daughter’s oldie but goodie show she has learned to love)
  3. Make a kid vision board Create some goals with your kids of things you want to do when this craziness slows down a bit. Go through old magazines and create a vision collage.
  4. Get your kids to help start spring cleaning – You may have to do some bribing but get a head start on spring cleaning. Start by decluttering, put up those winter clothes and make those piles of things to get rid of
  5. Have a fun time making new recipes with food items you have at home – Don’t waste anything, but see what yummy new dishes you can make with those canned goods and frozen meals!
  6. Game Night – I know somewhere stocked up in a closet in your houses you have an old box game. Have a game day/night with your family!
  7. Spa Day – My daughter loves getting mani/pedis; how fun would it be to do some at home? Hey, you may even be able to convince your kids to give you a mini spa day at home.
  8. Yoga – With everything going on, you and your kids could use some zen. YouTube “kids yoga” and head to Namaste-land!
  9. Be artistic – paint a picture, make up a dance routine, write a poem, short story or illustrate comic strip!
  10. Pillow fort – Use your imagination, make a pillow fort in the living room! Pretend you are Elsa in your ice palace hiding away from all the chaos in Arendelle.

Most importantly, don’t panic but be prepared! Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands. Wash your hands and your children’s hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (even sing a fun song while practicing good hygiene). If soap is not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Monique Douglas
Monique is a single mother to her 2 year old daughter Maisyn. She was born in New Orleans and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She is a graduate from St. Joseph’s Academy then attended and graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Communication. She also has a Master of Arts in Education/Adult Education and Training. Monique is employed at H&E Equipment Services as an Instructional Designer. She has been coaching cheerleading for over 10 years and handles communication for Louisiana Cheer Force. Monique enjoys shopping, spending time with her daughter and doing Yoglates which is all talked about on her blog, www.MamaMeaux.com.


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