Monique Douglas

Monique is a single mother to her 2 year old daughter Maisyn. She was born in New Orleans and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She is a graduate from St. Joseph’s Academy then attended and graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Communication. She also has a Master of Arts in Education/Adult Education and Training. Monique is employed at H&E Equipment Services as an Instructional Designer. She has been coaching cheerleading for over 10 years and handles communication for Louisiana Cheer Force. Monique enjoys shopping, spending time with her daughter and doing Yoglates which is all talked about on her blog, www.MamaMeaux.com.

The Truth About Cheer

As, a former all-star, high school, and college cheerleader and current all-star cheer coach, when I heard Netflix was coming out with a docu-series on cheerleading, I CRINGED. This has been done before, and...

My First Known Experience of Racism

I have seen a Facebook post circulating, asking “When did you first experience racism?” Due to #BlackoutTuesday I will be sharing my experience. Here is my story. Junior year prom. I had all the plans made...

Making It Work as a Work From Home Mom Thanks to COVID-19

Why is it I cringe when I have a video meeting and knowing I won't have the help to watch my daughter? Like many other moms, we have found ourselves working from home with babies,...

10 Kid Friendly Things to do while Social Distancing

With the recent news, there may be parents out there who want to stay home with their kiddos. Here are some fun things to do with your kids while social distancing. Go outside –...

Black History Month Books for Kids

It is no secret that the Black community is underrepresented in today's society. Slowly but surely we are getting to a day in age where it is not as uncommon. As I raise a...