3 Ways to Welcome a New Baby {Sponsored Giveaway}

Spring is coming! Weather will be warming up, flowers will be budding, and lots of pregnant bellies are getting ready to pop! When those new babies arrive, there are many traditional ways to welcome. Maybe you received flowers, cards, balloons, or new blankets and clothes. However, it is always nice to think outside the box and give those new moms and their bundles a memorable and useful gift that shows your love and joy. Here are three, unique ways to welcome baby (with a chance to WIN one of them below!)


1. Fill the Fridge and Pantry

In those first few weeks back home, moms are worried about taking care of their newborn and themselves (and most likely other children.) Dad is usually the one stopping at the store for a few basics and friends are stopping by with hot meals here and there, but what about all those in-between meals? This is such a FUN surprise for mom (and family) as you enter with bags full of groceries: think healthy snacks, breakfasts, lunches, a few frozen dinners, and some treats too!

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Get together with a few friends to help pay the bill and be sure to ask if mom is on a special diet before shopping. Then, let mom know you are coming over with groceries (at least a few hours in advance) and offer to help put them away when you arrive. Not only does this gift help mom in her day-to-day, but you are helping baby, too, by keeping everyone happy and fed.

2. Give Time and Services

This is another way to welcome a new baby and momma that brings joy to the whole family! So many times, we tell moms to “let us know” if they need our help, but do we ever hear back? Why not go beyond the offer and actually DO!  Of course this doesn’t mean barging in and taking over, but feel out what you think would be most helpful for the new mom. Maybe she really needs her grass mowed and hubby just doesn’t have time to get to it. Maybe she really needs someone to drive by at 7am and drop off breakfast and coffee and help get other kids ready for school. Whatever it may be, focus on helping mom and baby rest and have time together, while you take care of other things.

3. Welcome Family and Guests

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After their hospital stay, mom and baby are ready to get home, and nothing is more meaningful than greeting them at the door with a beautiful, welcoming wreath. Adorned with baby’s name or monogram and a big bow, mom will feel so special as she brings her bundle of joy home. These handmade wreaths are created by local artisan Genevieve Designs. These 24″ burlap wreaths have soft backing to protect your door or wall and custom design chalkboard sign with removeable vinyl lettering.  Handmade bows and chalkboard are interchangeable and removable to easily change with the seasons or mood. Not only does this gift welcome mom, baby, and guests, but it’s a gift she can keep on using for months.

Giveaway Chalkboard Wreath

Seeksucker Fancy Single WhiteThis week, one lucky reader will WIN one of these beautiful, custom chalkboard wreaths ($110 value) to use for themselves or to give as a gift to a new mom! To enter, please complete the entry form below!

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Bio PicRaised in Baton Rouge as part of an entrepreneurial and artistic family, her passion for creating began at a very early age in her mother’s art studio where she would sit every evening watching her mother (Kathleen Nowak Tucci) paint, sculpt and design.  After graduating from Baton Rouge High & LSU with a degree in Arts Administration, she strived for daily creative outlets in order the escape the 9-to-5. As many businesses are born, Genevieve Designs began in 2011 as a fun hobby of designing wreaths for Genevieve’s front door.  At the request of a fan, Genevieve was asked to design a wreath with a large three letter monogram during a period where she was experimenting with burlap. Genevieve ended up creating the first monogram burlap wreath! Being the creative and innovative woman she is, she also created the very first wreath with interchangeable elements.  Not only are her bows interchangeable, but her monograms and chalkboards can be changed out infinitely throughout the year. Her attention to detail and eye for design has earned her features through Etsy, Southern Living’s Daily South and popular life & style blogs.  Genevieve’s wreaths can be found on doors in every state as well as Australia, Ireland, and Canada.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Genevieve Designs. However, all thoughts and opinions are proudly our own.

Angela is a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to 4 children. She and her husband, Josh, were born and raised in Louisiana and love raising their kids around family and friends. They love exploring the outdoors, traveling, and playing sports. Angela loves to encourage other homeschooling moms and loves to advocate for getting kids off screens and outside.


  1. The most helpful thing for me at that time was meals…just one less thing to worry about when trying to care for a newborn. I would have LOVED to get a wreath like this though!!


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