8 Things I am Reminded of Every Summer Break with My Kids

By trade, I’m a teacher. But my real job is “momma” to three amazing, stinky boys. I absolutely love teaching, but by the time May rolls around I’m craving those long, lazy summer days that I so look forward to every year. I find as my children get older these long, lazy summer days aren’t so long or lazy anymore.  What is the deal? What is going on? Why? By June 1st I am quickly reminded about 8 definite things with my kids on summer break every year……ksc july 15 1

1.  My grocery bill doubles. Okay, scratch that…TRIPLES. My three little guys don’t look like they eat a lot, but obviously my grocery bill and the look on the familiar cashier’s face at Winn Dixie tells me otherwise.

2.  My electric bill doubles. This southern Louisiana heat is just unbearable. Let’s face it, being outside for the whole day is not fun or entertaining (especially to my thirty something self). I take the boys out in the morning and evening, but that boiling hot middle of the day time is spent inside….with the AC kicking.

3.  Teachers/Daycare workers are seriously, SERIOUSLY underpaid. I dearly love my children, I do. But keeping them occupied and getting along with each other is a struggle. Sure, we have our sweet Full House moments, but those moments do not last all day.  The mere sight of one child holding what looks like the toy of another could bring on WWIII.

4.  I spend way too much money. I’m not sure what it is about summer and money, but sheesh! Yeah, there is the summer vacation (which we opted out this summer for a “staycation” in our home), the tremendous amount of children who are crazily born during the summer birthday parties, the fabulous kid centered play centers (that I think is a Godsend for mommas), some good ole Frozen Yogurt (that might be a momma splurge…), and THOSE GROCERIES!!!ksc july 15 2

5. The amount of doctors, dentists, and therapists that I see on a weekly basis could get me an honorary medical degree! During the school year, I try to get most of my kids important appointments (yearly or every 6 months) scheduled for the summer. I do this because I don’t want them missing school and I can’t afford to take off so much. So, yeah … I start regretting piling all of these doctor appointments up for the summer time. My view of lazy summer days is merely a mirage at this point.

6. Schedules can be thrown out the window. During the school year my house runs like a well-oiled machine, but come summertime… POOF! out the windows, doors, and even the chimney it goes. We all look forward to sleeping late (well, except my three year old) and having brunch while watching cartoons. But sleeping in means a 6:00pm nap, which then turns into an 11:00pm bedtime. And the cycle continues. I admit, I am a night owl. My little apples didn’t fall far from the tree. By mid-July I find myself trying to turn our lives back into the machine it once was because the dreaded “S” word will be starting in a few short weeks. Tightening up the reins on a schedule to three summer-driven boys, my friends, is NOT FUN!

7.  Cleaning, laundry, cooking, repeat. I am the type of mom who doesn’t like too much of a mess. So when my boys are whirling around in their Tasmanian Devil ball of toys, dirty, and clothes, I try my best to look the other way, but Y’ALL it’s hard!!! Cleaning with the three kids IN THE HOUSE feels like the definition of insanity – you know, doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.  Yeahhhh, that’s me cleaning. I feel as if everyday there is an endless amount of laundry that they love to bury themselves in and build Mt. Corkern on the living room floor. And tiny humans just eat all the time!!! “Like, really, didn’t I just feed you?!?” Am I the only one thinking that? Please say no!

8.  Despite all these tiresome things, I am completely and utterly blessed with three amazing, stinky boys!  Yes, they drive me to my breaking point sometimes where momma has to take a “time out”, but then they come up with an unexpected “I love you”, or one says to another “You’re my best friend”, or I catch a glimpse of all three of them snuggled on the floor whispering silly nothings to each other. That’s all I need to be reminded of how lucky I am to have to deal with all 8 of these things and I can’t wait to be reminded of them again next summer!!!!

What is something you are reminded of when Summer Break rolls around with your kids?

Katie, a self proclaimed "momma bear", enjoys living her busy, country life with her husband of 10 years and 3 sons just outside of Baton Rouge in Tangipahoa Parish. Katie attended Southeastern Louisiana University where she obtained a degree in Elementary and Special Education. Little did she know how her love of children with special needs would grow shortly after she graduated college. Her middle son, Connor, was born with a rare brain disorder called Schizencephaly-he is wheelchair bound, nonverbal, blind, battles retractable epilepsy, and is fed through a feeding tube. Katie and Connor endure the many trials they are put through with a smile and joy in their heart. Along with being an active member in her church and working for an online public school, Katie regularly advocates for those who experience developmental disabilities at the Louisiana State Capitol. She is the Region 9 leader for Louisiana Citizens for Action Now (LaCAN) and is a member at large for the Governor’s Advisory Council on Disability Affairs. When life's challenges seems too much to bear, Katie remembers this quote to keep forging ahead and being the voice for those who have none, “God often uses our deepest pain as the launching pad of our greatest calling.” -unknown


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