Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It’s a time of year when I like to reflect on how I can serve others best. As a mother, I try to do it all. Feelings of insecurity can start to creep in - especially when I feel that I don’t measure up to the task. I use this time to focus instead on my strengths and how they can best be used. For me, I believe that God has given me gifts of encouragement and kindness. The gift of encouragement focuses on practical applications. One can relate to others, in groups and individually, with understanding, sympathy, and positive guidance. A person who encourages can help another person move from pessimism to optimism....
Here at Red Stick Mom, we offer dozens of ideas from diverse perspectives in our mom hacks, tips and tricks category. From taking road trips from Baton Rouge to meatless meals to natural cold remedies, we’ve written about it. Curious how to freshen up your skin routine? We suggest you try slugging. Looking for a faster way to fix your hair? Try the lazy mom’s guide to hair. Wondering if there’s a better way to cook bacon? Try this mom hack for cooking the best bacon ever and thank us later. What’s motherhood without perfecting your bacon, are we right? That’s the kind of content our Mom hacks, tips and tricks section highlights. That said, not all of Red Stick Mom’s...
We have something in common, dear reader. Figuring out what’s for dinner. We all have to do it. Whether we throw something on the stove, heat up leftovers, swing through the drive-thru, or place a last-minute DoorDash order, we all have to come up with a plan for suppertime. Breakfast is usually easy or on-the-go, lunches are packed the night before or provided at school, but dinner? You’ll find dinner somewhere in all the evening chaos. After work and school, between homework and ballet lessons, before bath and bedtime lives the nagging question: What’s for dinner? As I flip through cookbooks and scroll Pinterest, the pressure to attempt new dishes sets in. And, this is where I can get stuck. Between browsing recipes...

I Surrender

I’ve been a self-help kind of gal that likes to read books and take accountability. If I wanted something, I worked hard to earn it. I have evaluated ways that I could improve myself often. I’d assess my choices but then I would do them all for fear of making the “wrong” choice. Choices like, “Should I go for a walk right now or spend time with my family?” “Should I take a shower right now or clean the kitchen?” “Can I get a moment to breathe or should I go read a bedtime story to my child?” became the norm.   When I found myself working harder than ever and feeling as though my days were running together without feeling...

The Default Parent

What is a Default Parent? If you have to think about who the default parent is in your household, chances are it's not you. You'd know. I am the default parent in my home. It is clear as day and I may as well have it tattooed to my forehead. I am the parent that is in charge of the emotional, logistical and physical needs of my children. I am the manager of anything that requires an appointment. I am the meal planner, extracurricular coordinator, and CEO of the family calendar. Truthfully the list is never-ending. All. Day. Every. Day. I handle the needs of all 4 children: school schedules, orientations, open house, school uniforms, dentist, doctor, birthdays, haircuts, and rotations...

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