A Case for Unplugging

I have been sitting on the idea of unplugging myself recently. Every time it crosses my mind to limit my social media time, my texting, etc. I always find some amazing excuse not to! I mean, how else would I find the best deals on Amazon Prime Day, or know that Target released a new OpalHouse collection?!

But all these little subtle hints keep coming back to me pushing me to unplug. The priest in mass on Sunday got lots of laughs as he imitated a conversation he had with his friend on her phone, there were lots of awkward silences. As my husband nudged me, I knew. It was time. Time to clean up the apps on my phone, time to set timers on social media, time to put the phone in another room and engage with the people around me.

There is a case to be made about unplugging. I mean, look at generations ago and all the great memories that were made without an Instagram story posted or a Facebook collage tagging everyone.

So as I sit here and write this, while simultaneously cleaning up my phone and setting new boundaries, I’ll share with you my very reasons why and maybe you’ll find yourself inspired to unplug too.

LESS SHOPPING: I love a good blogger; half of my closet comes from LIKEtoKNOW.it posts. But it’s also lead to the buying things I do not NEED. It’s so easy to follow a link and fall for a cute pair of shoes. But day after day it adds up. I will most definitely save some money.

BETTER RELATIONSHIPS: It is so easy to convince ourselves that we are maintaining relationships with the constant texting, sending DMs, liking each other’s pictures. But while we are doing all of these things think about the people that are actually in your presence. Your husband, your kids, your family, the guest you have over. You aren’t truly connecting and enjoying the people around you if you are halfway engaging.

MORE STIMULATING: When is the last time you sat down and read a good book? Not the board books you read to your kiddos, like a real adult chapter book! You may think you do not like to read, I think you just have not found the right book!

BEING A ROLE MODEL: Our kids see every little thing we do, even when we think they are not looking. My jaw drops at how kids these days grab a phone and know how to use it! Instead of that being a habit they learn so early how about they see us read a book, do a puzzle, or play outside.

So, I am choosing to unplug myself. Delete all of my shopping apps, do 30 minutes of social media a day, and maybe reply to a lot fewer text messages that aren’t so urgent. If you need me, call me. If you want to be friends, let’s spend time together. I am choosing to disconnect from the phone in hopes to find more connections around me. I want the way I handle technology to only leave a positive impact on everyone around me, especially my children.

Kelli DeLarue
Kelli DeLarue has never met a stranger. She is personable and enjoys learning new things—especially when it comes to navigating motherhood. Kelli and her husband, Carson, welcomed their first son, Henry, in August of 2020. Baby boy number two is on the way! Kelli‘s passion is teaching. She has been a teacher in the Baton Rouge area for four years. She just decided to hang up the teaching hat and go full time mom. She enjoys reading books to her son, eating great food with her husband, and going to mass with her family.. One of Kelli’s great joys is sharing advice, life hacks, and encouragement. She hopes that her blog posts can help fellow moms feel supported and welcomed.


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