A Guilty Pleasure

When did having a “guilty pleasure” become a negative thing? Everyone has a guilty pleasure. Some people enjoy food, coffee, magazines, and/or music.

My Guilty Pleasure is the BRAVO channel. Yes, pretty much the whole channel.


Drinking game alert…every time you read the word “Bravo,” take a sip of Pinot until you get Ramona Eyes.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t watch every show on BRAVO. That would just be crazy and more of an addiction.  Thanks to my trusty DVR, I can enjoy my guilty pleasure whenever I have an opportunity for me time. Nowadays, my me time frequently includes folding clothes and cleaning the house in conjunction with catching up on my shows.  BRAVO is wonderful about replaying shows incessantly and regularly having marathons, so it’s alright if I forget to DVR a show every now and again.  I like to personally thank the BRAVO execs for that fact, especially my fake-bestie Andy Cohen.

3 Things I’m obsessed with as I write this post:

  1. Seeing how many clothes stacks can be put away during a BRAVO commercial break
  2. Getting ready for the new season of New York Housewives that premieres on March 11
  3. Looking forward to making 2014 a great year


The best thing about this guilty pleasure is that I share it with soooo many other people. Some of my friends don’t have kids and the ones that do, don’t always want to talk Mommy stuff.  Since I surround myself with people who also have a love for BRAVO, I’m always able to find someone who will talk BRAVO. My best friends and I frequently discuss who we identify with on the Housewives shows. In writing this post, I asked my IRL besties which housewife I am and they all said Caroline Manzo from New Jersey for a variety of reasons. Common explanations were that I am a feisty, strong, loving, and Italian (I promise that I am more than 1/16th!). “I’ll take it, ladies!”

You see the Housewives are not only rich crazies drinking wine and fighting…ok well it’s mostly rich crazies drinking wine and fighting, but that’s why it’s called a guilty pleasure.

Also, BRAVO has plenty of shows that make me feel better about myself. When I watch the Million Dollar Listings, then I feel awesome about the price of my house. When I watch Princesses Long Island, I feel fulfilled in my relationship. When I watch Top Chef, I just get hungry so I try not to watch this one often. When I watch Pregnant in Heels, I learn so many about things about being a mommy. When I watch Watch What Happens Live, I just laugh…the whole time.

My point is that just because you are a MOM you need to have things in life that make you happy and that are YOURS.  I have so many things that make me happy, but there are very few that I can enjoy on my crazy time schedule…again thank you DVR.

My MAZEL of the Day…Anything that can make a mommy happy. Go find your Mazel today and have a better 2014!

What is your guilty pleasure?

Allison is a New Orleans native and moved to Baton Rouge in 2005. She and her high school sweetheart married in 2006 and have two amazing kids, Avery and Bennett. She works full-time as a pediatric Speech Pathologist and feels that these kids are her second family. She believes that parenting truly is the hardest job in world. She is learning everyday how to balance marriage, kids, work and personal time. She enjoys tailgating for LSU events, soaking in New Orleans culture and being outside with friends and family as much as possible. Allison has a passion for long and usually loud talks with friends over good food and wine, loves photography and escaping into a great book.


  1. BRAVO is the best Definitely my guilty pleasure! ! I’m so annoyed that we switched to Dish and no longer get BRAVO. I’ll have to look into getting it back.. Especially after reading this post. I DO NOT want to miss another Real Housewives premiere. I’m already missing most of my favorite Real Housewives chapter- Beverly Hills! :p

  2. We got direct tv last year and I told hubby as long as we have BRAVO, E, HGTV and LSU games, I don’t care about channel packages


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