Allison is a New Orleans native and moved to Baton Rouge in 2005. She and her high school sweetheart married in 2006 and have two amazing kids, Avery and Bennett. She works full-time as a pediatric Speech Pathologist and feels that these kids are her second family. She believes that parenting truly is the hardest job in world. She is learning everyday how to balance marriage, kids, work and personal time. She enjoys tailgating for LSU events, soaking in New Orleans culture and being outside with friends and family as much as possible. Allison has a passion for long and usually loud talks with friends over good food and wine, loves photography and escaping into a great book.
from New Orleans but living in Baton Rouge

Raising Red Stick Kids with a NOLA Heart

There are so many things to do with kids in Baton Rouge year-round! Whether you are visiting Baton Rouge with kids or you live in and around Baton Rouge year-round, there are tons of...

My Mommy Thoughts During Stormageddon 2015

Is it just me or did that storm come out of nowhere? Fortunately it was gone almost as quickly as it arrived, but the aftermath definitely lasted a little longer. Here are a few of the...

Looking Forward to the Next Stage

I recently had the revelation that my kids are no longer babies. Of course, I have noticed minor maturity changes in their conversation topics, television show choices and Christmas list items. But a few...

Elf: The New Tradition

A few years ago, I decided to jump on the Elf on the Shelf  (in our house Jake) bandwagon, and I have never looked back. The original concept of the Elf watching the kids and reporting to Santa was...

And The Award Goes To…

I  know all kids say mean things to their parents from time to time. Mine frequently tell me I am terrible, so I started thinking "What if they gave out Terrible Mom Awards? And if...