A Mom’s Guide :: How to Survive 4th Grade

To help you prepare for kids, there are many quizzes, books, blogs, and articles giving advice about major milestones. They talk about early morning feedings, potty training, and the terrible twos, but none of them prepare you for fourth grade. Fourth grade, in public school systems, is when children prepare to take the LEAP test. It’s a grade that is stressful for children and even more stressful for their parents.

To help you, I’ve created this list of things to follow if you want to survive fourth grade.

  1. Stock up on adult drinks. It doesn’t matter on your preference of drinks. It can be wine, wine coolers, beer, or hard liquor. Just make sure you stock up on all of it. Trust me, you will need it to wind down after homework and late-night study sessions.
  2. Start a rainy day fund. I’ll explain later.
  3. Identify your child’s teachers’ method of communicating assessments and assignments. I’m “lucky” enough that my child’s teachers choose to use 4 different methods of communication. I created a bookmark for each one and every Monday morning, I check to see what is due for the week and what tests are planned.
  4. Gather your child’s teachers’ contact information. You will use it A LOT so keep it in a safe place. After the year is over, they will be your best friends in your head.
  5. Create a school organization station in your home that is easily visible and accessible all year round. In ours, I have an AR goal chart, a weekly calendar showing all tests and assignments, the teachers’ contact information, and a section to hold school notes. I also have a section to put my daily mantra because sometimes you just need to read that you are pretty and can do anything to get you through common core math.
  6. Restock your adult drink. This is a no-judgement zone.
  7. Mediate. Mediate. Mediate. With extremely high AR goals, multiple tests and assignments a week, LEAP preparedness, and not-so-independent children being treated like mini adults, you will need it.
  8. After you, I mean your child, completes 4th grade, celebrate!! You remember the rainy day fund you started? You’re welcome. Treat yourself to a nice spa day, a weekend getaway, or anything to take your mind off of 4th grade.

Be happy that 4th grade is over and that you never have to experience it ever again. Unless you have multiple children and, if so, I’m sorry.


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