Back To School Shopping Made Easy

Every year, it feels like the summer gets shorter and shorter. And every year it seems that stores put out school supplies quicker and quicker. Even before summer officially starts, schools send the school...

How to Make Friends Like a 6th Grader

My son is a planner. At nine years old, he already has his future planned out. He narrowed down his future car to three make / models, he decided on his career and side...

EyePromise® Screen Shield™ Teen

Disclosure EyePromise Screen Shield sponsored this post, but all thoughts and opinions are mine. Does Increased Screen Time Affect Eyesight?  Whether we like it or not, children are getting more and more screen time, both at...

Why I’m Glued to My Bullet Journal

Doctor appointments. Special school assignments. PTO events. Homework schedules. Work deadlines. Dentist appointments. Parent / teacher conferences. After school schedules. My days are jammed packed with activities and without my bullet journal, my days...

A Twist on Traditional Easter Egg Hunts

With Easter quickly approaching, the kids are looking for the next Easter egg hunt. After doing the same eggs hunts year after year, your children may be ready for a different type of egg...

Adjusting to Being a Work From Home Mom

Until recently, I worked full-time in a traditional office setting. Every morning, I followed the same routine. I woke up at 4:30AM to begin the mad dash of getting myself and the kids ready...

The Middle Child Syndrome

I’m the oldest of three children so I never believed in the “middle child syndrome.” When I heard stories told by middle children, I always thought that they were misreading the situation. That was...

A Mom’s Guide :: How to Survive 4th Grade

To help you prepare for kids, there are many quizzes, books, blogs, and articles giving advice about major milestones. They talk about early morning feedings, potty training, and the terrible twos, but none of...

My Love / Hate Relationship with After-School Activities

I remember when my oldest started preschool. I was so excited that he was finally of age to where he could participate in after school activities. Like one of those moms on TV, I...