A Twist on Traditional Easter Egg Hunts

With Easter quickly approaching, the kids are looking for the next Easter egg hunt. After doing the same eggs hunts year after year, your children may be ready for a different type of egg hunt. And let’s be real, parents may also be tired of hiding the same eggs under the same bush every year.

Here is a list of ideas to add a twist to the traditional egg hunt:

Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt

Instead of stuffing eggs with jelly beans, stick a few glow sticks in each egg for a light up twist. Stores now sell mini glow sticks specifically for eggs, but the regular glow bracelets will also work. When it gets dark, scatter a few eggs in the yard and the kids will go crazy running around picking up glowing eggs.  

Sight Words Egg Hunt

When my son was in kindergarten and our days were filled with identifying sight words, I decided to make learning fun by adding sight words to our egg hunt. I wrote each sight word on a cut up piece of paper and stuck one in each egg. Every time he found an egg, he had to open the egg and say the sight word in the egg. If he got it correct, he got to pick a candy and look for another egg.

Red Light, Green Light Egg Hunt

This follows the traditional egg hunt style with the kids having to find the eggs as quickly as they can. Except instead of just running around looking for eggs, it combines another childhood favorite game “Red Light, Green Light.” When the children hear “green light,” they should try to gather as many eggs as they can until they hear “red light.” If any child moves after hearing “red light,” they must drop all of their eggs and the game begins again. This continues until all eggs are picked up.

Learning Egg Hunt

This is similar to the Sight Words egg hunt except different subjects can be placed inside each egg. In some eggs, I put math problems that my children were working on in school. I’ve also included science and social studies questions. To help with spelling, I put a paper in some eggs with “Spelling Word” on it. If that egg is found, I read them a word from their spelling lists that they must spell. I’ve also put sentences written incorrectly on some sheets and, if found, they had to identify the mistakes with each sentence. Every time an egg is answered correctly, they received a prize and got to hunt for another egg.  

Surprise Egg Hunt

In each egg, I put mini surprises. Some were actions items similar to “Simon Says” actions. In other eggs, I put a joke or a riddle. Just like traditional eggs hunts, some eggs were filled with candy or small trinkets. The fun with this egg hunt is that after finding all of the eggs, they also receive a little surprise every time they opened one.

Happy Easter! 


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