A Very Merr-Enneagram Christmas Movie List

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I happen to love Christmas movies, but this year’s holiday movie binge-watching has proven to be quite the challenge with an infant crawling around and sprouting new teeth every day. He can’t sit still and that means I’m roaming about the house cleaning up after him until the glorious nap time break.

EXCEPT, well, I can’t watch movies then, either (you never know how loud Christmas cheer can be until you have an infant who’s a light sleeper), but what I can do is glance at my phone and decide whether or not I want to get lost in a book or fall into a Google rabbit hole (because, hey, cleaning creates noise).

Recently, I chose the rabbit hole and landed on something that fascinates me … Enneagram personalities.

I’ve taken 4 quick (and free) tests. I don’t know how accurate these are, but I know that according to 2 of my results I am a Type 4 … while in the other tests I was depicted as a Type 2 wing 1 (there are wings to this, which is another rabbit hole in itself!).

All of this information continues to captivate me and for some reason (probably because I’d like to finish a movie before the end of the year) – I started thinking about Christmas movies I watch every year and which one each Enneagram might like. That seems very 5 of me, but I swear I’m not a 5!

I am no expert on personalities and I have a huge list of Christmas movies I adore. These may not be anyone’s favorites and they may not be very accurate- but I thought I might act like a 2 and share my rabbit hole discoveries with you!

After all, ’tis the season of sharing!

The Christ-enneagra-mas Movie List:

Type 1- The Reformer/The Moral Perfectionist:

They are concerned with being good, right and appropriate. They have the highest sense of integrity but also have high standards and if they aren’t met, they can be overly critical. They are the best type of leader!

 Miracle on 34th Street– (I think 1’s will be able to identify with the mother!)

  Last Holiday (I think Queen Latifah in this movie is a 1 who is given a reason to let    loose and her strong morals help teach lessons along the way)

Type 2 – The Helper/The Giver:

They are empathetic, devoted, sensitive, and helpful. They are nurturing, team-players, and altruistic. They are approachable and never meet a stranger. They tend to downplay their own needs and wants for others, however, which can lead to martyrdom. They are the best type of caregiver!

       National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (Clark sacrifices so much of himself to give his family that, “Big old-fashioned family Christmas!)
      The Holiday (2 2’s finally stop living to please the men in their lives and travel miles apart and finally get the appreciation they deserve!)

Type 3 The Achiever/The Performer:

Type 3’s are charming, goal-oriented and competitive. Their main priority is achieving success. They’re highly active, ambitious and tend to focus on keeping up appearances and yearn for validation. They are the best type of politicians/executives!

         The Family Man (Jack is definitely a 3 and learns that love and family can also be a success)
Love Actually (Diverse Christmas storylines that will hold the 3’s attention!)

Type 4 The Individualist/The Romantic:

Type 4’s are most passionate about self-expression and being unique. They are often quirky and loveable. They have a never-ending drive to discover and understand who they truly are. They stand out, have creative interests, dress unconventionally and rarely give in to popular trends. They make the best type of writers!

    The Nightmare Before Christmas (Jack isn’t sure if being the Pumpkin King is who he truly is and thus, goes on a Christmas journey, finding himself along the way)
     Edward Scissorhands (There is no one more unique, quirky or innocently lovable than Edward!)

Type 5: The Investigator/The Thinker:

5’s are quietly independent and spend a lot of time observing and contemplating life. They are constantly testing truths. They are very private people and can detach from others, sometimes becoming isolated. They are the best type of researcher!

    Scrooged (A remake of A Christmas Carol, except it has Bill Murray! Let’s face it, Scrooge screams 5)
  It’s A Wonderful Life (George Bailey, in the beginning, detaches from his family and     feels completely alone, lost in his reflections about how his life would be better without him in it, I feel like a 5 could relate)

Type 6: The Loyalist / The Loyal Skeptic:

The 6’s main goals are safety and security. They are very loyal and want to build close relationships with others. They tend to distrust outsiders and fear loss. They are hard-working and responsible but can sometimes be over-thinkers. They are the best type of teachers/specialists!

     The Family Stone (Sybil isn’t happy whenever her son brings home a girlfriend that doesn’t have anything in common with their close-knit family)
      Home Alone (Kevin takes his relationship with his family and the safety they provide for granted and soon learns to rely on his own instincts)

Type 7: The Enthusiast/The Optimist:

7’s are happy, fun-loving, and have an insatiable appetite for excitement. They hate the feeling of being trapped. They fear boredom and deprivation. They are apt to focus on the positive aspects of life and they like to keep all of their options open. It’s very important to 7’s to do their own thing and they don’t care about having others’ approval. They make the best type of artists!

Elf (is there anyone in a Christmas movie more enthusiastic than Buddy?)
     Serendipity (Sarah is definitely a 7, she shares a night of fun in NYC with Jonathan and fully trusts fate to bring them back together if that’s what’s meant to be)

Type 8: The Challenger/The Boss:

8’s have a very strong fear of vulnerability and like to maintain control over their lives and surroundings. They prefer to feel powerful and often have a commanding presence. They are proactive and always take initiative. They do whatever it is they set out to do. They are natural leaders with tons of self-confidence. They make the best type of business owners!

The Grinch (The Grinch is most definitely an 8!)

Die Hard (John McClane isn’t going to let anything stand in the way of getting back to his wife!)

Type 9: The Peacemaker/The Mediator:

9’s are balanced and are very accepting of others, they crave harmony and embody this in their social circles. They avoid conflict at all costs and have strong defense mechanisms. They are resilient, enjoy comfort, and keep an optimistic outlook. They are the  “go with the flow” type of people. They make the best type of therapists!

       While You Were Sleeping (Lucy pretends to be her crush’s fiancé to keep his family content while he’s in the coma)
      The Preacher’s Wife (Dudley, in the end, sacrifices his wishes to do the right thing for all of the humans around him. Also, Denzel Washington is in it. Enough said!)

Happy Holidays and Merry Watching!

Heather Westbrook
Heather is "Mom, Mama, Mommy" to her 15-year-old son Camiron, 8-year-old-son Owen, and 9-month-old baby Griffin. She was born in Eunice, Louisiana and has lived in New York, Alabama, and Lake Charles, Louisiana before settling in Baton Rouge 5 years ago. She is a Veteran of the U.S. Army and a former Flight Attendant who graduated from FAE in Orlando, Florida as Valedictorian of the program. Heather is employed at Willie's Restaurant on Coursey as a FOH Manager. Heather is a bibliophile who is obsessed with reading and a cosplayer whenever she can find the time, focusing on Comic Book Supheroes, Star Wars and Harry Potter. She loves to write, a true passion of hers. She also enjoys running, crocheting, and drinking coffee!


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