Heather is "Mom, Mama, Mommy" to her 15-year-old son Camiron, 8-year-old-son Owen, and 9-month-old baby Griffin. She was born in Eunice, Louisiana and has lived in New York, Alabama, and Lake Charles, Louisiana before settling in Baton Rouge 5 years ago. She is a Veteran of the U.S. Army and a former Flight Attendant who graduated from FAE in Orlando, Florida as Valedictorian of the program. Heather is employed at Willie's Restaurant on Coursey as a FOH Manager. Heather is a bibliophile who is obsessed with reading and a cosplayer whenever she can find the time, focusing on Comic Book Supheroes, Star Wars and Harry Potter. She loves to write, a true passion of hers. She also enjoys running, crocheting, and drinking coffee!

“Burrow”ing into the New Decade :: Choosing to Live Offensively

LSU is undefeated and we are the champions, my friends (insert loud cheering and Queen song playing in the background)! At this point, it feels like Joe Burrow isn’t just LSU's quarterback, he's our nation's...

A Very Merr-Enneagram Christmas Movie List

I happen to love Christmas movies, but this year’s holiday movie binge-watching has proven to be quite the challenge with an infant crawling around and sprouting new teeth every day. He can’t sit still...

“The Next Right Thing” :: This Mama’s Song of Hope From Frozen 2

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I went to see Frozen 2 by myself. I am a boy mom, and much to my consternation, my sons aren’t really into Frozen or its songs. I definitely tried...

A Little Thankfulness for the Thankless Mom

November is the month in which most American families celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. A holiday full of warmth, family, friends, and an abundance of food. It’s supposed to have that proverbial table that’s long...

Crying into Baby Wipes :: Am I Alone?

Did you want to know a secret? My partner thinks I buy Target Brand Up and Up Cucumber baby wipes because they are more affordable than name-brand wipes and because they are gentle on...

Truce :: A Lizzo Parody for Moms with Picky Eaters

This parody is for all those moms with a picky eater who like fun and love to sing "Juice" by Lizzo in the carpool line (or the shower)! (To the beat of "Juice" by Lizzo) Truce Meal...

A Letter to My Almost Daughter

Most people that know me know I am a “Boy Mom” who absolutely adores her sons and her Boy Mom adventures. I truly do. However, there is an almost unspoken reality that I live...

A Conversation with My Son About 9/11

When I watched the tragic events of Tuesday, September 11, 2001 unfold on the news in my high school classroom, I wanted to forget everything I was witnessing. I mourned with America and feared...

My Summer Was Lit :: 3 Books I Couldn’t Put Down

I have been obsessed with reading since before I can remember. Whenever I was a young girl, my grandmother loved to remark that “I’d sleep with my books if I could” (and I literally...

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