“The Next Right Thing” :: This Mama’s Song of Hope From Frozen 2

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I went to see Frozen 2 by myself. I am a boy mom, and much to my consternation, my sons aren’t really into Frozen or its songs. I definitely tried...

A Little Thankfulness for the Thankless Mom

November is the month in which most American families celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. A holiday full of warmth, family, friends, and an abundance of food. It’s supposed to have that proverbial table that’s long...

Crying into Baby Wipes :: Am I Alone?

Did you want to know a secret? My partner thinks I buy Target Brand Up and Up Cucumber baby wipes because they are more affordable than name-brand wipes and because they are gentle on...

Truce :: A Lizzo Parody for Moms with Picky Eaters

This parody is for all those moms with a picky eater who like fun and love to sing "Juice" by Lizzo in the carpool line (or the shower)! (To the beat of "Juice" by Lizzo) Truce Meal...

A Letter to My Almost Daughter

Most people that know me know I am a “Boy Mom” who absolutely adores her sons and her Boy Mom adventures. I truly do. However, there is an almost unspoken reality that I live...

A Conversation with My Son About 9/11

When I watched the tragic events of Tuesday, September 11, 2001 unfold on the news in my high school classroom, I wanted to forget everything I was witnessing. I mourned with America and feared...

My Summer Was Lit :: 3 Books I Couldn’t Put Down

I have been obsessed with reading since before I can remember. Whenever I was a young girl, my grandmother loved to remark that “I’d sleep with my books if I could” (and I literally...

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