Keeping Christ in Christmas :: Gifts Your Christian Friends and Family Actually Want to...

We all know there are those Christmas gifts that your grandma or great aunt gives you every year... like an old school picture of Mary and Baby Jesus, a Rosary from the mail (cher...

The Winebrarians Book Club

Reading is good for the soul, but when on earth does anyone have time to read anymore?! We have work to do, children to raise, houses to manage, and family to love! Really though,...

You Have How Many Dogs?!?

My name is Breana and I have three dogs. I married into a dog family and their love for dogs runs real deep. Real real deep, y'all. I grew up in a pet free home. When...

Fall Recipes :: Keto Style

Who loves the Fall Season and loves easy crockpot recipes even more?! ME! I'd say every mom out there too. Of course some may be asking, what is in the heck is keto? Basically,...

Grandparents :: The Original Village

I had never heard of the term “it takes a village” until I found myself single and pregnant with my son. Let me tell you, IT. DOES. First Village :: Maternal Grandparents My son and I...

Foster Their Passions :: No Matter How Unusual

As LSU Football season approaches, I felt that it was appropriate to share a little bit about my family’s unusual relationship with LSU. My mother has always been an avid football fan. She exudes a...

Thank you, Costco Samples

One of our most favorite family outings is taking long romantic walks through the aisles of Costco while juggling every sample we can possibly get our hands on. Truly, my son gets so pumped...

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