I Am Becoming

Have you read the book "Becoming" by Michelle Obama? Whew, she is a powerhouse! She is poised, well spoken, driven, determined, kind, confident, and a beautiful wife and mother. I read the book shocked...

Louisiana Quarantini :: Mint Julep

Let's hit that Louisiana style quarantine drinkin' - change ya consons', put your night time jammies on, get the kiddos to bed, put on a live Concert on da Facebooks to jam, and whip...

Schitt’s Creek :: A Must Watch During This Schitty Time

I cannot watch serious TV if there are super serious emotional things happening in real life. I need lighthearted, comedy, silly, goofy, witty television shows like New Girl, Parks and Rec, The Office, Community,...

Donations to Hospitals :: What We Need To Know

The desire to help our friends and neighbors is engrained in our culture, but how can we do this in a safe way now that we have the shelter in place mandate? Do you work...

Wife of a Respiratory Therapist :: COVID-19 Edition

What in God’s name is a Respiratory Therapist (RT)? Simply stated, they are medical professionals who specialize in providing healthcare for your lungs. They are not techs - do not make the mistake of...

The 3 C’s :: Color Coded Calendars

Feeling overwhelmed keeping up with your day to day activities? Do you or your significant other work weird inconsistent hours? Do your children have so many extracurricular events that you cannot possibly manage to...

Mom Guilt :: Not Today!

My dad gave me a call recently just to chat, which seems normal, but it is kind of out of character for my introverted silent compassionate father. Long story short, he misses his grandson...

Mommy, Why Am I Tan Brown?

My child is curious. He asks a lot of difficult questions, funny questions, and shocking questions. Luckily, a lot of his questions are answered at school and by my husband who is a walking...

Christ in Christmas :: Gifts Your Christian Friends and Family Want

We all know there are those Christmas gifts that your grandma or great aunt gives you every year... like an old school picture of Mary and Baby Jesus, a Rosary from the mail (cher...