Louisiana Quarantini :: Mint Julep

Let’s hit that Louisiana style quarantine drinkin’ – change ya consons’, put your night time jammies on, get the kiddos to bed, put on a live Concert on da Facebooks to jam, and whip out the booze!

I have had this Mint & Lemon Verbena from Cocktail & Sons for a while and I figured it is time to try to make a Mint Julep. So I texted some friends to see what kind of whiskey I needed, they recommended a Bourbon Whiskey and this Benchmark was on sale {Mais, I can’t pass up a good sale}, none of us know what bitters are but we will get it any way to follow the recipe, then I picked it all up from the Rouse.



  • 2oz Whiskey, Cognac or Gin
  • 3/4 oz Mint & Lemon Verbena
  • Bunch of Mint
  • 4 dashes of aromatic bitters (optional, but do it)

Step 1 :: CRUSH DAT

Get a mallet, or in my case a giant spoon, to crush the ice. Then struggle to keep the ice in the towel and add that kinda “crushed” ice to your glass. I believe the goal is to get the glass full to the top with the crushed ice…like a snoball maybe? I did not achieve that goal.

Step 2 :: SLAP DAT

Y’all. The instructions literally say, “gather up a sizable amount of mint and smack it in your palm.” I smacked that real good! Then my house smelled like delicious mint, cher. After you teach that mint who’s boss, take the end of a spoon and press (or “muddle”) the mint to the bottom of the glass. Again, I am sure I did this wrong and you probably shouldn’t have the ice during the muddling, but hey, it worked.

Step 3 :: POUR DAT

Use whatever measuring tools you have to get the booze + mint & lemon verbena into the glass. Look, the only thing I could find was medicine cups {cause I’m a momma and have drawers full of these things} and it did the job!

{Not pictured: I did add it all to the shaker with some ice and extra mint! Gave it a few shakes to mix good good before returning it to the glass.}

Step 4 :: TOP DAT

Add your lagniappe!

Just a few dashes of bitters and maybe garnish with mint if you’re feelin’ a lil extra!

Step 5 :: DRINK DAT

Then go ahead and DRINK DAT!

Step 5.5 :: DANCE!

100% chance I did not correctly partake in the rite of the julep, but it tasted delicious and that is all that matters! Y’all give all of the intimidating drinks and recipes you’ve always wanted to try a shot. What do we have to lose? It’s quarantini time!

What are your favorite quarantine cocktails?!


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