Danielle Bache

Danielle Bache

A Children’s Hospital Christmas Poem

As I crawl out of bed I spy my little one lost in a dream. A typical Christmas morning to follow it would seem. Reflections of Christmas lights dance across his face. To search for toys from...

Christmas Party Overload

With the hustle and bustle of travelers lining the interstate, here comes the lineup of holiday gatherings with a BANG! Last Christmas, my crew traveled to EIGHT different family gatherings in two days. Please don't...

I Am a New Mom, Hear Me Roar

Did you hear what I said? Is anyone listening? That's not what I said. Why aren't you listening? These are the thoughts I find on repeat in my mind as a new mother. There are...

My Dearest October

October you will forever be dear to me. Your cool crisp air blowing with swirls of amber and gold, though underlying there will always be a tinge of blue. October is pregnancy loss month...

Loving Through Loss

I remember the look on my husband's face when the sonographer was unable to detect our son's heartbeat. I began to cry as he looked at me with confusion and panic. "He's gone," I...

The Dreaded Question

"Is this your first?" To any woman pregnant after loss, you know the punch in the gut feeling that follows. The inner turmoil of dialogue goes something like, "Should I tell them I lost my...

A Nod to the Women Before Us

There was something about the way she looked at me, the elderly woman across the way. Her gaze a familiar stare as I waddled through the grocery store check out lane. My apprehension must...

When Mom Hits The Books

It's that time of year, when the aisles of the grocery stores fill with notebooks and pencils. The vacation hot spots become less crowded as the little ones head back to class. Your newsfeed...

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