The Third Wheel in My Bedroom

Yup, at my house, my husband and I have a television in our bedroom. We are “those” people. Fun fact: All of the money we were gifted with when we got married… yeah, we spent it on a massive TV. And guess what? We LOVE it!

There. I said it.

If I am being completely honest, my husband and I are from opposite ends of the planet. He is the epitome of an outdoorsman. He lives for anything hunting or fishing related. Me, not so much. My passion lies with the arts. I love writing, music, theater, reading… you get the drift. I’m sure you can imagine how funny we look, trying to plan a date night together. An odd mesh of going out to eat then catching a show, all before making a quick stop by Bass Pro before heading home. We have faced the music, our favorite hobbies couldn’t be more different.

Opposites attract.

It may be obvious our favorite pastimes couldn’t agree less, but let me just add, we do life pretty well together.  Though we come from opposite sides of the earth, my husband and I can binge-watch a Netflix show like no dream team you’ve ever imagined. Let me tell you when it’s Chicago Wednesday we have every chore done, every child put to bed, and any work-related tasks completed before 7 pm sharp. I’ve learned more odd and hilarious facts about that man while watching our favorite shows than any candlelight dinner could have ever given me. So frankly, I refuse to feel shame for having a television in our bedroom.

Find What Works.

Trust me, I’ve been given my fair share of funny looks when mentioning in conversation that Thursday night won’t do for us because it’s the Grey’s season finale. Take it or leave it, it’s our “thing.” I’ve always loved the saying “couples who play together, stay together.” In other words, find something you love to do with your significant other and enjoy your time together. So what if it happens to be cheering on opposing favorites on American Idol and seeing whose pick wins?
(We get competitive like that).

Find something YOU BOTH can enjoy! Forget the naysayers. And to my hubs, babe I wouldn’t trade our late-night murder mysteries for the world!


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