Haley Jones


The Inevitability of Entropy

There is laundry everywhere. An untidy jumble of folded and unfolded clothing that has sat on our dining room table for over a week, individuals snatching what they need, never bothering to put it away....

My Road Trip Favorites and Must Haves

Whether your family is brand new to living in Baton Rouge with kids or has been in the Red Stick area a while, welcome! Red Stick Mom is the premier parenting website for Baton Rouge...

The Slug Life :: A Vital Step in My Skin Care Routine

I … am a skincare junkie. I love it. I spend an inordinate amount of time searching about skincare, looking up trends, perusing beauty stores online, and generally obsessing over ways to stop the clock and...

Best Places to Eat Outside with Kids in Baton Rouge

Despite the brief dip back into Third Winter here in Louisiana, Spring is right around the corner, and with it comes those brief, shining moments where you can eat outside and not melt into...

This Book Will Save Your Sex Life

Disclosure :: if you want to knock your socks off (trust us, you do), the book linked below and recommended in this piece is an affiliate link.  This Book Will Save Your Sex Life And I’m...

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Great Hair

As the title of this piece suggests when it comes to my hair I. AM. LAZY. And it's not just the “mom who has too much on her plate” lazy.  No, I can’t use that...

Don’t Let Fear Drive Your Car

I knew it was going to happen. I had seen the eventual implosion coming from miles away the moment my youngest found out that Daddy had mistakenly put him in the wrong after school club. Not...

My Favorite Bedtime Hack: Lantern Time!

Sometimes parenting solutions are the culmination of copious amounts of research and planning, due diligence, and exhausting effort. And sometimes, like a fortuitous fairy godmother, they just appear. Such was the case when I...

An Ode to Period Panties

And no, I’m not talking about those giant granny panties you probably wear when it’s that time of the month. Though, I’m sure they’re great. No, I’m talking about the super absorbent, comfortable, stylish period...