Kelly Moore

Kelly was born and raised in California and moved to Baton Rouge shortly after graduating college. A few years later she married a southern boy, Travis, and now they are parents to son, Luke, and fur baby Juliet. Kelly began blogging after they purchased their first home in Spanish Town as a way to share the renovation projects and experiences with family back home. As a full-time working mom, she cherishes her evenings and weekends with her family. If she isn’t walking around downtown with her crew, Kelly can be found cooking, digging in their vegetable garden, trying to make her kiddo giggle, and working on their endless house projects.

My New Found Love of the Library

A couple years ago I joined a few friends at a book club in the hopes of getting myself in the habit of reading more. It was a great excuse to hang out with...

The Easiest Homemade Baby Food

As a food lover and new mom, I was eager for the day I could start making homemade baby food for my little one. I had the special baby food blender, the freezer containers,...

Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day Treats {Recipe Included}

Quick and easy recipes that kids can help with are always welcomed in our household, especially when they are for a class party for said kiddo. Not only does it get them invested and...

Natural Childbirth, The Second Time Around

I opted for natural childbirth with my first-born. I never really questioned if I would be able to do it – that’s the stubborn in me, I guess. We took the Lamaze classes and...

10 Non-Candy Halloween Treats

All the ghouls and goblins will be out trick-or-treating, filling their pumpkins to the brim with plenty of sweet treats. As a kid, there really isn’t anything much better than wandering from house to...

Learning to Parent a Threenager

“Terrible Twos” has long been the phrase coined for those tumultuous early childhood years where they begin testing their independence and limits. But I think that’s a lie. Two was a sweet year. We were...

The Battle of Bedtime

It's a nightly battle that wages on. One that has been fought for countless months with no end in sight. Just when it seems like we've found a solution to their tactics and victory...

Breastfeeding {Surviving the Early Days}

Note: This post is part our series in observance of World Breastfeeding Week and is sponsored by Woman's Hospital.  Breastfeeding {Surviving the Early Days} As I write this I'm in the midst of the early days...

I Like Sending My Kid to Daycare

As my pregnancy comes to an end I’ve been going over the final preparations for baby’s arrival, including lining up daycare. Thinking about dropping off our infant reminded me of how terrifying it seemed...