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Christmas Light displays in Baton Rouge

Where to See Christmas Lights in Baton Rouge

Where to See Christmas Lights in Baton Rouge There is just something about the sound of classic Christmas carols and sipping on hot coco while strolling under twinkling lights that really gets the warm, magical...

Take a Family Vacation to the Great Smoky Mountains

Whether you just moved to Baton Rouge with kids or have been in our area for a while, welcome! Red Stick Mom is the premier parenting website for Baton Rouge. We aim to make life in...

Let’s Taco ‘Bout Kids in the Kitchen {3 Recipes Included}

Kids can be involved in cooking younger than most people think, and there are so many good reasons to involve your child in the kitchen. It teaches responsibility, healthy eating habits, and cooking skills....

Control The Clutter: Implementing A Toy Rotation System

Toys. Toys ending up everywhere and me nagging the kids to clean it up, and me needing to supervise the entire process to ensure they didn’t get distracted and me losing my cool because...

Home Workout Corner Transformation On A Budget

Slumps. Buzz kill, right? I was stuck in a slump with my fitness routine and really lacked motivation to continue exercising. You know how at the beginning of the year when you buy a...