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Slumps. Buzz kill, right? I was stuck in a slump with my fitness routine and really lacked motivation to continue exercising. You know how at the beginning of the year when you buy a new pair of shoes to motivate you to join the gym? That’s how this transformation project was for me, and because I am motivated by aesthetically pleasing spaces, completing this project has seriously ignited my fire again. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always had a space to workout, but now I actually have a cute and functional home gym I am proud of.

home work out spaceI won’t carry on any longer because I know you clicked on this post to get helpful tips, not read me ramble about my slump. So in this post, I will highlight the peg board and floor to ceiling mirrors, as well as include links to as many things as I can add links for. (none are affiliated links, just adding them in case you want to recreate and don’t know where to start.) I was introduced to the peg board and mirror wall ideas by my good friend, Pinterest, and knew I needed them both. So let’s get started….

Peg Board Storage

Materials I used:

  • 1 large peg board: I got mine from Home Depot. Mine is the 48 in. H x 24 in. W White Pegboard but there are smaller options if that’s what you need for your space.
  • peg hooks in various sizes: I got 2 sizes and they’re both linked here
  • 3 1×2 plywood pieces
  • wire baskets
  • lastly, décor and gym equipment to make it your own

Put it Together:

Now, I am not here to give you the details on finding studs and all the things because I may or may not have skipped that step unless you’re my husband reading this, then I 100% used a stud finder and found the studs to drill the 1×2’s into.

I already had 3 1×2 pieces cut that measured the same width as the pegboard but if you don’t, Home Depot can do this part for you. I held the pegboard up to the wall and marked where the top, middle, and center of the pegboard then used the marks to screw the 1×2’s. Next, I screwed the peg board with more dry wall screws into the 1×2’s.

You can see here the 1×2 screwed into the wall and the peg board screwed into that.

Now that the hard part is over, figure out where you want to hang your baskets and peg hooks. Once you do that next comes my favorite part, adding your pieces to decorate and make it yours!

Here is some of the equipment I used to make this peg board wall storage really come together:

  • Target dumbbell
  • fake floral
  • inspirational quotes: either find a printable or buy a framed quote from TJ Max or Hobby Lobby, these are my go to places for this kinda thing.
  • booty bands
  • earbuds/headphones
  • board to track progress

Floor to Ceiling Mirror

Materials I used:

floor to ceiling mirrors in home workout spaceOnly 2 materials! Can you believe it? This floor to ceiling mirror that costs under $20 to make has a very similar one that sells for $600 on Pottery Barn! And it is so easy and cheap to recreate.

It is really important to start here and not above the baseboard, else there will not be enough space for the second mirror on top.

The biggest tip I can give is to attach the Velcro command strips together instead of one on the wall and one on the mirror. If you attach them together on the mirror itself, it makes mounting much easier. There doesn’t need to be any stud finding or measuring for this project, simply apply the command strips to the top and bottom of the back of the mirror, then line the bottom of the mirror up with the base molding and press hard to attach. Place another mirror directly on top of that one repeating this process until you’ve achieved your desired width. And that’s it! Super easy, super cute.

Other tips:

TJ Max has really cute baskets for holding yoga mats.

yoga mat basket

Walmart’s book shelves serve as a great storage area for weights and other fitness materials.

bookshelf to hold dumbbells

I am so excited to share this with you and hope you’ve gained some inspiration through this post. If you too lost your motivation, I hope you can find it like I have!

home workout space DIY


  1. I’m wondering about the bottom mirror being out further on the bottom than the top due to the molding? Doesn’t it lean in? I saw another version of this where the mirrors were laid sideways and stacked up, starting on top of the molding. It looked nice too. Mirrors were $7 each at Target.


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