Sarah Joy Hays is a native of Louisiana and graduate of LSU! She returned to Baton Rouge in 2015 after 6 years living and working in DC. She is a proud momma to an enthusiastic, red-haired toddler and is navigating all of this as a solo parent; fully relying on group texts with other moms, coffee, and Jesus. Sarah Joy, or SJ, has devoted much of her abundant spare time to the Moms on Campus, South Baton Rouge Presbyterian Church, and her newly founded Foundation that will focus on emergency disaster response. She claims to love to read, journal, and cook; but only manages one of the three out of daily necessity. SJ dreams of having a Target collaboration based on coffee mugs and dry shampoo one day… till then she will enjoy running her bakery CounterspaceBR and growing a consulting business!

Moms on the Internet That I Love

Y’all, there is a lot on the internet. There are a lot of mommy blogs and influencers and a whole lot of just STUFF to weed through. I have worked to curate the corner...

{A Guide to} Disney in the Rain

Here you are, packed and ready for a family trip to Disney. Fast passes are arranged, dining is reserved, you’ve prepped snacks with care. You arrive to the parks with hope and excitement then...

So You’ve KonMari’d … Now What?!

So you’ve KonMari'd your closet … heck, your whole house. NOW WHAT!? So, maybe you are of the ilk, get it all out. Donate, trash, hand-me-down, just OUT. Or maybe you think “I’ve invested...

When Life’s Margins Aren’t Enough

You know that feeling of being slightly underwater? Not like DROWNING but just under the surface and able to come up for enough air to keep moving along. I’m there right now. Are you?...

I Wasn’t Ready for PreK

Since when is PreK real school? Like, backpack and folders and language arts (which mostly consists of making art using a letter for inspiration BUT STILL) ... we were in daycare from age 1....