I Wasn’t Ready for PreK

Since when is PreK real school? Like, backpack and folders and language arts (which mostly consists of making art using a letter for inspiration BUT STILL) … we were in daycare from age 1. My son had a routine, but there was flexibility and the only hard and fast rule was closed toed shoes. Y’all.

We started PreK this past fall, and it was an ADJUSTMENT. Not for my son, for me! Wait, we have to be there on time?! At a time YOU designate?! Worth noting, only 3 tardies so far this year … but some days we were REAL close to being the last in line at carpool.

Then there is homework. Nothing intense. But I have to remember to have him actually do the work. That’s the thing. He isn’t old enough to be given an assignment and remember that he needs to do it. Heck, I don’t even think the teachers explain the homework to them ahead of time. We just get a folder on the daily with tiny innocuous assignments that are frantically completed within 5 minutes of bedtime or while getting dressed the next morning.

I did manage to remember hat day… however, we did not make or decorate a hat cause I remembered at 11pm the night prior.

You would think by now, halfway into the year, I would remember that EVERY Wednesday morning we would have to turn in 5 small pictures cut from magazines or catalogues of items that start with THAT WEEK’S letter. And, in case you were wondering, Southern Living rarely has anything that starts with an “H,” but they did have “D” on lockdown … doors, dogs, dressers, desserts. 

This is all new for me, and similar to all things parenting, I’m sure that as soon as I get this PreK thing down, Kindergarten will start with a WHOLE new set of school realness. Until then, I’ll be hoarding catalogs (which is the ONE thing I used to always throw out immediately upon entry to my house to attempt to keep my mail table under control). 

Also, a little hot tip, I purchased 5 of every uniform piece at the beginning of the year, and I think that’s the one thing I did right.

Did y’all start PreK this year? Does it all feel a little too real for you too? How do you remember to do all of the things? If you have any tips for surviving, please let me know! 

Sarah Joy Hays is a native of Louisiana and graduate of LSU! She returned to Baton Rouge in 2015 after 6 years living and working in DC. She is a proud momma to an enthusiastic, red-haired toddler and is navigating all of this as a solo parent; fully relying on group texts with other moms, coffee, and Jesus. Sarah Joy, or SJ, has devoted much of her abundant spare time to the Moms on Campus, South Baton Rouge Presbyterian Church, and her newly founded Foundation that will focus on emergency disaster response. She claims to love to read, journal, and cook; but only manages one of the three out of daily necessity. SJ dreams of having a Target collaboration based on coffee mugs and dry shampoo one day… till then she will enjoy running her bakery CounterspaceBR and growing a consulting business!


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