So You’ve KonMari’d … Now What?!

So you’ve KonMari’d your closet … heck, your whole house. NOW WHAT!? So, maybe you are of the ilk, get it all out. Donate, trash, hand-me-down, just OUT. Or maybe you think “I’ve invested a small fortune on non joy sparking items, can I recoup SOME of the temporary joy?” I fall squarely between the two, and if you are looking to resale items here are some of my favorite ways to declutter and not take a complete loss.


I have had moderate success on Poshmark, especially when selling lightly used name brand items. I have unloaded a Lo & Sons handbag, an Anthropogie bridesmaid dress, and some blouses from Gap and Banana Republic. The key is using good photos, brand names in the title of the product, and being SUPER honest about the condition. Poshmark provides the shipping label and takes a small percentage of the sale. Downside, you have to store the items until they sell.


This one is new for me. They send you a pre-labeled bag at your request and you fill that sucker UP. Strategically, I’ve filled it up with items still in good condition but that I wouldn’t mind donating … because they actually donate items they don’t pay you for! This is a lower payout, I’ve been told, but I’m excited to use this method to clear out an even bigger stack of items I don’t want to take time to post to Poshmark.

Style Encore / Plato’s Closet / Once Upon a Child

This group of consignment stores are typically near one another as they are part of the same parent company. This is a great option if you are looking to unload some of YOUR items plus your children’s items (proximity in errands is LIFE). The payout is typically 50% of what their resale value is. I’ve had great success with Once Upon a Child for clothes AND toys / books / gear. With Style Encore and Plato’s Closet, the women and teen brands respectively, I have found that batching things right ahead of being in season is KEY. I once brought a massive haul of spring clothes heading into fall with little return, but the employees suggested holding and attempting again just ahead of the appropriate season, so that’s my game plan! (Hot tip: only drop off goods on a day that you know you can make it back in the same day. You forfeit your un-purchased items if you miss that same day window to return for your payout.)

2nd and Charles

THIS is a real hidden gem. This is the spot for all things books, DVDs, electronics, games, etc. After I Marie Kondo’ed 2 years ago, I brought in a car load of books. Literally, filled my car with books and DVDs, and cashed out almost $100 on items I would have sat on for months trying to hand down to JUST the right person (book lovers unite, amirite!?). Keep in mind, you can only fill four of their bins on any given day; I had to make two trips.


Y’all, selling items on Facebook is as easy as can be and way less creepy than Craigslist, IMHO. I use both Facebook Marketplace AND segmented resale groups regularly with great success. I am in groups for Disney resale, Stitch Fix resale, children’s boutique resale, Pottery Barn, LL Bean … you get the idea! General Facebook Marketplace is a great option for small furniture and gadgets that are in good working order. Basically allows you to avoid a full on garage sale. And as for the clothing resale groups, similar to Poshmark, be VERY upfront about condition and post a reasonable price. The specific brand groups tend to have quicker attention and turn over. Only major downside is dealing with PayPal and shipping, but those hassles tend to be worth garnering some return on smocked outfits or Stitch Fix items I didn’t love as much as I thought I might.

At the end of the day, clearing out junk is great! Simplifying life and filling your house with joy filled items is truly ideal, BUT sometimes knowing the price of items can be the pain point of letting go. Hopefully these suggestions help you clear the clutter a bit easier.

Sarah Joy Hays is a native of Louisiana and graduate of LSU! She returned to Baton Rouge in 2015 after 6 years living and working in DC. She is a proud momma to an enthusiastic, red-haired toddler and is navigating all of this as a solo parent; fully relying on group texts with other moms, coffee, and Jesus. Sarah Joy, or SJ, has devoted much of her abundant spare time to the Moms on Campus, South Baton Rouge Presbyterian Church, and her newly founded Foundation that will focus on emergency disaster response. She claims to love to read, journal, and cook; but only manages one of the three out of daily necessity. SJ dreams of having a Target collaboration based on coffee mugs and dry shampoo one day… till then she will enjoy running her bakery CounterspaceBR and growing a consulting business!



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