Becoming the Middle Child

I stared at those two pink lines Just kidding, it was probably all of two solid minutes that was interrupted by somebody needing a snack. We already had a 4 year old and a 1 year old, and now there was a third baby due in late February 2020.

Being pregnant opens up a whole different world you never knew existed before. A world of joy and happiness and magic and love. Along with those good things, sometimes there’s also fear and worry and anxiety. It’s not just about being pregnant and growing yet another baby either. This would be our third baby to welcome to our family; we’ve been on this roller coaster before.

But this time, we had Bennett. Bennett is our second boy. He is three years younger than his older brother. Bennett. Is. A. Force. Affectionately referred to as “Bulldozer Bennett” or “Bruiser Bennett,” he is the epitome of rough and tumble boy. Along with all that rough and tumble, he was a stage 5 mommy clinger at the point that we were trying to get ready for a third baby.

big brother and baby sisterI worried about how he would adjust the most. I just *knew* he was going to be the one that would be the most jealous of a new baby. I *knew* he would be the one that would unintentionally try to hurt a new baby. I *knew* he would resent me for having another baby. Everyone who found out that we were going to have another baby looked at me with horror as they also worried “what is Bennett going to do?!”

I tried to stay positive. I tried to help him understand simple things like waiting his turn, having quiet time, rocking his stuffed animals – this inevitably led to him throwing it against the wall and laughing maniacally. Fear amplified.

We welcomed our sweet little caboose baby on February 3, 2020. Visiting us in the hospital, he was pretty standoffish and honestly seemed to not care about me or baby at all. Then we came home. I would have a cute pic to insert here, except he refused to hold her or come anywhere near me.

Bruiser Bennett is still Bruiser Bennett to everybody, except his baby girl. If somebody asks about her name, he proudly exclaims “My Baby Girl!” Y’all. Their moments are so special.

brother and sister

She adores him. He is the sparkle in her eye. She is the only person he shares his prized Olaf blanket with. She is the only person he can be gentle with. He knocks me out of the way to bust in her room first in the mornings determined to be the first one to give her kisses. Her giggles when he is being silly aren’t like the giggles she gives everybody else. Complete shock waves rush over me on a regular basis at how amazing he is with her.

All of that worry and fear for absolutely nothing. He is a better big brother than I could have ever dreamed. Their bond continues to amaze me on the daily and I’m sure it will be full of surprises as they grow up.


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