I Need a Tough Boy

I have two little guys. There are currently 5 and 2 years old. Their baby sister is 6 months old.   Ever since our first son was born, there has been an emphasis that he NEEDS...

Dear Kindergartner

Dear Kindergartner,  Oh, how did we get here so fast? It seems like just yesterday we were wondering how the hospital allowed us to bring you home- no manual or anything. We were clueless, but...

Delivery During Deployment

On January 3, 2018 I delivered the most perfect, squishy, nine-pound baby boy right here in Baton Rouge, LA while my husband - his father - was protecting America’s freedom in Africa. I’ll let...

How My Kids Ruined My Love of Summer

I am a summer gal, y’all. Maybe it was growing up in the relentless Louisiana heat that forced me into such a love affair. I need the sun. The shorts and tanks and late sunsets....

The Inadequate-ness

Even though I love them so much my heart physically aches, what if that love just isn't enough? Because I am failing in every other way. Sometimes, they drive me to the breaking point and...

Giving Grace: A Lesson for Me

Ohhhh what a day we had had! It was a gorgeous Thursday. We spent the majority of the day playing outside, there were giggles and belly laughs and literally all the fun was had....

My Mom Poisoned Herself

"Your mom had a seizure. The ambulance is taking her to the ER." It was my stepdad. He was talking about my mom. My mom? A seizure? The ER? My mom didn't have seizures. None of...

Control Freak Confession

"I can't believe you're watching that AGAIN. How many times do you need to see it?" This is the question basically anytime I tune into something on our television. I inevitably find my "comfort food"...

Fear is Killing Us

We are a generation of people who like to live in the known. We are a spoiled generation that doesn't have to worry or wonder where our next meal will come from, we don't...

When Mama Can’t Fix It

"I gave all my germs to you!" he proudly exclaimed. He'll be celebrating his fifth birthday in just a few days- during #quarantine2020. This was his way of fixing the problem I guess. A boy...

Mom Confession :: Sorry I Didn’t Connect the Dots Sooner

School performances. Cue my anxiety for you, little guy. Weeks of practicing singing and hand motions and some cute dancing all coming to a head with a stage and an audience and loud unexpected...

You’ve Got a Friend

  One day at some point last school year, my then 3-year-old came home from his Pre-K3 class telling me about his "best BEST friend (insert girl's name)." They played together and had the BEST...