Best YouTube Workouts

Exercising is so important to me. I feel happier and calmer after I exercise. But so is avoiding this heat. Normally, I would walk around my neighborhood or a park. It’s a great way to feel great and meet neighbors. Since it’s been 200 degrees outside, I’ve found some pretty cool YouTube videos to work out with. These are my favorite so far.

1) Capoeira – This is an awesome form of martial arts. This is a formally illegal martial art that really strengthens the muscles. You’ll feel great. This video is by Living Room Capoeira.

2) Yoga – This is a very calming yoga class. It’s for beginners and is amazing. She goes step by step and keeps it simple. It’s by Arianna Elizabeth. It’s a great way to wake up in the morning.

3) Ballet – This workout is amazing and I feel like my legs get more amazing every time I do this one. I love the dance form of ballet so ballet workout classes are perfect for me.  This video is with Mary Helen Bowers.

4) Abs –  I always work on my abdominal muscles. Although I have none visible… The teacher, Annabelle Hayes, is amazing. Her videos are to the point and they’re only around ten minutes.

5) Glutes – This is an amazing workout to strengthen your glutes. This video is less than 10 minutes. I always ache at the end. This one is by Koboku Fitness.

6) Karate – Although I have a black belt, I have not attended or practiced in years. I found this YouTube video by Dimitri Papadopoulos on YouTube and it’s been so helpful.

These are my favorite YouTube video workouts. What are your favorite workout videos? Share them below. I’d love to try some new ones.


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