Birthday in a Box on a Dollar Tree Budget

My oldest recently turned nine. I always heard of “birthday in a box” and thought it would be a good tradition to start with my children. I searched on Pinterest and the results created unlimited ideas. Of course, I wanted to try them all. But then I remembered I was a mom of three with another birthday to celebrate in two months so I had to get creative with my budget.

Dollar Tree is the perfect place to find small cheap toys and crafts for children. So I figured it would be a good place to find birthday box items.  

Instead of a box, I decided to use a plastic bin so I could reuse it for future birthdays. I found some blue wrapping ties to decorate the outside of the bin and some red wrapping tissue to add color to the inside.

Birthday in a box from Dollar Tree

I was surprised that Dollar Tree also sold cake batter, icing, and cupcake wrappers. They made perfect additions to the birthday bin. I also bought a birthday cup, a silly straw, an activity book, and some glow sticks for a glow in the dark after party. I also filled the bin with a mini basketball game, a travel game for our upcoming road trip, water balls, and a toy that multiplies in size when it gets wet.  

Since Dollar Tree carries many different items, it will be easy find bin items that my daughters would love once it’s time to fill their birthday bins. They have various arts and crafts and painting supplies. You can also find water toys, activity and reading books, educational toys, and a lot of other small toys that could provide hours of fun.

My son loved receiving his birthday bin and all the goodies in it.

I will definitely continue the birthday bin tradition.  


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