Breastfeeding Goes High-Tech in Baton Rouge

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Breastfeeding Goes High-Tech in Baton Rouge

Human beings have breastfed their babies since the beginning of time. But what a time to be a mom, as new technology has made breastfeeding a bit easier.

Woman’s Hospital recently became one of the first organizations to offer virtual lactation consultations through mobile devices. The service, called “BreastTime,” allows women to video chat with certified lactation nurses in the convenience of their own homes.

Issues with lactation and latching are cited as major reasons why mothers stop breastfeeding early; many women face low milk supply or breast / nipple pain, and some babies have difficulty latching or maintaining latch or are unable to remove milk. During a one-hour BreastTime consultation, a certified lactation nurse video chats with a mother and provides assistance / guidance for her breastfeeding concerns and challenges.

Here’s what one new mom had to say about her BreastTime experience:

“I was able to log on and get those questions answered and more importantly get the reassurance that you’re doing great, the baby is doing what she’s supposed to do and you’re on the road to success.”

The fee for a BreastTime consultation is $40. To make an appointment, visit A BreastTime consultation is available via computer / laptop with camera, iPhone™, iPad™ or Android phone.

Another new tech tool is Woman’s Pregnancy app, which features a breastfeeding tracker. As most new moms know, it can be daunting to make sure your baby is getting enough to eat – especially in the early days. The tracker helps you remember when baby last ate, which breast you last fed on, and how long the session lasted.

To download Woman’s Pregnancy app, click here. The app is available on the App Store and Google Play. 

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