Breath of Fresh Air

Breath of Fresh Air

Sitting alone in the backyard watching the sun set is something that I have not done in a long time. It is so refreshing to have this moment of serenity, birds flying in the air, feeling the breeze across my face, neighbors laughing and talking, kids playing in the backyard, and the grass seems to be greener than the day before, yet finally I have some me time. I close my eyes to enjoy this peace and take a deep breath and just smile. Today, we celebrated my son’s birthday. All the running around, decorating, putting on life jackets, serving the kids, and socializing with family had me exhausted. I truly could not wait until it was all over.  

But it’s moment like this is when I can take inventory of how life truly is amazing. 

Yes, life can sometimes throw you a curve ball or two and knock you completely off your feet. When you get a chance like this to enjoy what’s in front of you, hope, joy and strength from God will place you back on your feet. 

There is no greater time in life than when God place you back on your feet, that is when you are the strongest, rejuvenated, resilient, and empowered you have ever been. It’s like when your babies take their first steps and fall, only to get back up with a smile to keep going. Oh, the joy that they get when they finally can stand up on his or her two feet. That is exactly how I feel right now outside alone swinging on this bench, joy and excitement that I too can stand up on my two feet and keep going.  

Breathe of Fresh AirNow it’s time to take another deep breath, soak in the stillness of the evening, the sun has finally set and my me time has ended. For I hear “Hey Sis, I am ready to eat”. It’s time for me to go in, prepare for tomorrow, wind down into the night. Take a bath, sip on a glass of wine, play family game night and rest in the love that gives me the grace to do it all over again.  

I do not know when I will be able to get some me time, for I am so bombarded with work, Maison’s football practice, cleaning the house, and online training for my business.

Taking time to smell the roses is few and far between, like sunny cool weekends in Louisiana. I can’t wait until I get the chance again.

Lana Newble
Lana is a single mother of one, Entrepreneur, Spiritual Life Coach, aspiring author of soon to publish two books. Zumba Instructor, Owner of Love Your Body by Lana body contouring Co-manager of Airbnb Condos here in Baton Rouge. I was a travel nurse who is currently working for Ochsner Home Health. I am a social butterfly and I love bug. I love to love. I was born and raise in Lake Charles La, my favorite baseball team is Boston Red Sox, LSU and basket ball team is Boston Celtics, LSU. My son name is Maison and he is 9 years old he loves soccer, basketball and martial arts. Who wants to design shoes.


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